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10 Facts You Did Not Know About Gold


Trying to understand information about gold and how it’s invested can take large amounts of time. There is so much information to gain knowledge of and there are loads of different resources that you can utilize. But gold is such a prized mineral in the world, so you can benefit from getting to know certain facts about it.

Here are 10 facts that you didn’t know about gold. Most people only assume that it’s just an expensive mineral that’s difficult to get ahold of. But here are some things that you may not know about gold.

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Gold

1. Gold can be created from earthquakes

Gold is commonly produced from water being vaporized within the faults across the globe. Since earthquakes commonly occur as a result of these faults moving and vibrating the earth, earthquakes can actually cause gold to form. That’s why many mineral searchers explore fault areas for the prized mineral.

2. It’s the only yellow metal

There’s a range of different-colored metals on Earth, but gold is the only one that produces a yellow, golden color. All other metals that have a yellow or golden color have been through the oxidation process.

3. You’re more likely to find 1 ounce of gold than a 5-carat diamond

Diamonds are so rare that you have higher chances of finding a whole ounce of gold than a five-carat diamond. Their rarity makes the five-carat diamond one of the most expensive elements on the planet, but you can also find a gold price through various resources.

4. We’ve collected 5 million liters of gold

Determining exactly how much gold is mined in each country can be difficult because many places are extremely secretive about the amount of gold they have. Some countries try to keep their information private in an attempt to prevent intruders from searching for gold there. But of the limited information that we do have, we possess at least five million liters of gold.

5. It’s edible

You may not think that you can eat gold, considering it’s classified as a metal. But some forms of the substance can be safely eaten. In its edible form, your body can safely digest gold without harming your body. Most people commonly consume gold in the form of desserts or in more expensive restaurants.

6. It’s the most malleable mineral

One ounce of gold can be pounded into about 300-feet of a thin sheet. This makes it the most malleable element that we have on Earth.

7. Gold doesn’t taste like anything

Gold in its highest purity form technically doesn’t taste or smell like anything. Considering it’s classified as a metal, many people assume that it tastes like metal. But gold is a certain type of metal that is unreactive.

8. Gold is all around the planet

Contrary to popular belief, gold can actually be found all over the Earth. It’s located on every continent, but there are certain areas on each continent where you’ll have better luck finding it.

9. A karat of gold refers to the object’s amount of pure gold

When you commonly hear jewelers say things like “24 Karat Gold” or something similar, they’re referring to the amount of actual gold that’s contained within a substance. Finding something that is 100% pure gold is likely to never happen, so knowing that the higher number of karats in an object means the higher the amount of pure gold.

10. It’s used in electronics

Other than the most common uses in the collection, investment, and jewelry, gold can also be used in the production process for many of the electronics that we use in our every day lives. Additionally, gold can be found in wiring and even in certain medicine.


Whether you’re just interested in gold or you’re looking to invest in some, these facts can be both entertaining as well as helpful. Known as one of the most unique minerals on the planet, it’s commonly used for collecting and investing purposes. And many people also use it for making jewelry, as there is lots of money in the gold jewelry business.


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