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10 Farming Business Ideas Which You Can Start Now


In India, the advancement in agriculture is rapidly increasing gradually. If you are planning to do a farming business, then you are on the right track. At present, the agriculture business is the most profitable idea. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic, and half of the world’s people washed their hands with a job. People are scared of coronavirus, and they try to live healthily and fit for that they are eating healthy food. In this case, the organic farming business is the perfect idea to start. It can prove a super successful business idea if you do it properly. You can comfortably get good returns with less capital.

10 Farming Business Ideas Which You Can Start Now

List of Farming Business Ideas

Following we are showing a list of agriculture business ideas that you can start and earn profit. Let’s have a look.

1. Microgreens

Microgreens come in a small scale crop business. It is an excellent option for business and microgreens are the baby plants and small vegetables. When a plant sprouts from the seeds called microgreen. It is the starting stage of the plants. It is superb in taste, and its flavour is fantastic. These are more flavourful and fresh. You can use it as a garnish on salads.

It needs less investment, and among the customers, it has a high demand. Restaurants use microgreens to earn a profit. You can quickly grow indoors. It is conveniently grown in a tiny place and on small trays too.

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the most profitable business that you conveniently grow in less space. It can be produced quickly and effortlessly. It is a crop that can be grown anywhere and needs less maintenance. Mushrooms can survive harsh conditions and require less effort. And, mushrooms are in high demand in the market and restaurants. It mainly used in the topping of pizza which is the most lovable dish among the people.

3. Bee keeping

Apiculture is another name for bee farming. This is the next best profitable small scale business that provides returns in a short time. Beekeeping is a hobby for many people, and you can easily convert your hobby into your profitable business with minimum efforts. It requires less capital and time. Demand for honey is too high in the market, and it is too nutritious and healthy for consumers.

4. Poultry Farming

Raising animals on the farm is called poultry farming, or you can say it as animal husbandry. Animals include ducks, geese, turkeys, and ducks for eggs and meat for food. Poultry farming coming from ancient times. In India, mostly chickens farms in huge numbers. Around 60 billion chickens consumed annually. Animal husbandry is a great idea to earn money.

5. Hydroponic Retail Store

Who has a passion for plantation and technology can start a hydroponic store. This will turn your hobby into a business that makes a profit for you. It is a new advanced technology plantation which is at present in high demand. Hydroponic retail stores are a soil free way of growing plants both for home use and commercial.

6. Fish Farming

In India, fish is on the food menu of around 60% of people. It is the most delicious food item which contains a high amount of protein. Demand for fish in the market is always high. The total need becomes very high too if we see it from a global point. Sea is the primary source of fish, but the global fish harvest decreases at an increasing rate.

7. Fruits and Vegetables Export

Harvesting fruits and vegetables that can be grown quickly are the perfect farming business idea nowadays. These fruits and veggies are rich in nutrition and best for health. These food products always have high demand in the market. You can grow some fruits and veggies in your garden, and that is maintenance free too.

8. Fertilizer Distribution Business

Fertilizers contain compost and manures without chemicals. These fertilizers are the most crucial compound not only for agriculture but for general use too. With fertilizers, you can get the fruit without any chemicals. The fertilizers distribution business is the most profitable farming business at present. You can earn a lot of money from it.

9. Snail farming

Snails loaded with proteins, water, and iron, with this it is low in fat. Snails consumed in various countries over the world. You can call snail farming a heliciculture. Snails consumed for thousands of years. Consumption, demand, and snail farming are increasing rapidly. Snail farming is a fruitful business for you to start.

10. Sunflower business

Sunflower business is the best business that is easy and profit making. It is the early blooming flower, grown under 60 days after harvesting. It is too popular among the markets. You can give the sunflower business a try.

From these businesses, you need a tractor in some. For that, you can buy some advanced and latest technology tractors for high productivity. Nowadays, popular brands provide tractors at an affordable Mahindra tractor price. That will perfectly fit your budget.

These are all about farming business in India which you can start now. Give a try to one of these businesses and earn a lot of profit. For more information, stay connected.


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