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10 Latest Sensor Tap Designs With Pictures In 2020


Sensor taps are the automatic taps that start the water as soon as you put the hands below the tap. They run with battery or electricity consuming a minimum unit of voltage. They are the best ones to control the wastage of water.

10 Latest Sensor Tap Designs With Pictures In 2020

They are available in different models that support double water feed providing cold and hot water at the same time. They are found in some stunning premium designs and you can select the most appropriate one.

Nowadays people prefer these taps rather than the regular ones as they are more favourable and easy to use than the normal taps. Listed below are some stylish and fancy sensor taps that can be installed at several places.

1. Cera Touch Faucets Sensor Tap

Give your basin an elegant look by fixing this round and sober tap to it. They are also preferable for kitchen sinks due to their curvy round design. As they are not so big in size they can be paired with a small round basin taking less place.

It is a well-known company product having a metallic silver colour and rust-free properties. Make your place look perfect by opting for this sensor and touch faucets tap.

2. Sleek Design Sensor Tap

Smart technology requires a smart choice. This touchless water tap is perfect for square basins and can be chosen for your hotel or workplaces. You need to just put your hands under the tap and that’s all.

Take a drop of hand wash, rub it on your hands and take your hands near the tap to get it cleaned. It has a rectangular stand at the bottom that will help to hide the holes done for mounting the tap.

3. Stylish Basin Sensor Tap

This one is perfect for your basin as it is long and heightened. It runs with battery and the battery should be changed on time for efficient working of the tap. The heavy and attractive design of the tap makes it a worth opting product.

It can be placed at the restrooms of hotels and spas as it has a classy design with a silver metallic finish giving it a perfect look. It is easy to use and manage sanitaryware that can be used for daily purpose.

4. Square shape Automatic Tap

If you are willing for a stylish design then you can choose this beautiful square automatic tap. It is a perfect one for the kitchen sink that provides easy and elegant use. The shape is making it look more attractive and interesting.

It is a stainless steel cera product having an automatic sensor making it a touchless product. These products are best when your hands are too oily or dirty so that you don’t need to touch the tap and get your hands cleaned properly.

5. Touchless Sensor Tap for Commercial Places

This beautiful tap has a rough effect on the top. It is perfect for them who like matte and rough designs. You can choose them for your offices, farmhouses and home giving the place a decent look. This rust-free product is very convenient and easy to use.

The fixing of this product is also easy having a manual guide that helps the user to know the perfect usage of the product. The design is simple but delightful and gives a proper look to your basin.

6. Convenient for Small Basins

Sometimes due to a shortage of space, you cannot choose a heavily designed sensor tap and if you think that now you have no option rather than the normal tap then you are wrong. You can choose this small yet fancy tap for your commercial place and get a stunning look.

The tap has a slanting design that makes it more opportune to use. You can get it fixed in the basin or in your kitchen sink as per your need and choice.

7. Simple Touch-free Sensor Tap

This one is super commodious for kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Due to the long and simple design, it is more preferable for the kitchen. You can also find this sensor tap in laboratories, airports, hotels and other places. The curve at the front makes it look more suitable.

It is mounted on the wall and takes minimum space. You just need to fix it on the wall and above the center of the basin. They are also perfect for hospitals and clinics.

8. Kohler Sensor Tap

If you like fancy and stylish designs then you can opt for this fancy sensor tap. Curvy from the bottom and a bit pointed from the top are giving it an expedient look. It is a perfect pick for kitchen and hotels that works automatically.

They save water, as they start only when you keep your hands below them so there is no chance of overflowing of water. Sometimes you do not properly close the tap and the water keeps on wasting, therefore sensor taps are better.

9. Stylish Dolphin Design Tap

For unique and stylish designs you should definitely choose this dolphin designed sensor tap. They give your basin a disparate look and when you keep the hands below the tap water comes out of the mouth.

You can place it at your spas and hotels giving your place a more superior and classy look. You can also fix them at your restrooms for making your place look stunning. Placing it at schools will make students clean their hands for fun and it will also maintain hygiene.

10. Wall Mount Rose Golden Sensor Tap

This rose golden tap is just too high class and attractive. Placing it at your five-star hotel will make a satisfying reputation in your customer’s eyes. They are simple yet elegant and are mounted on the wall giving a more cool look to the restroom.

They can be installed above the washbasins and are also a perfect pick for kitchen sinks. Just go through the list and choose the best one that is the most convenient.


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