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3 Aspects of Digital Marketing Which Can be Beneficial for SMBs


Online marketing for businesses is one of the most important factors for their success. Any company looking to make a mark on the online world needs to tackle marketing aptly. The reason is that everyone uses the internet to connect to the seller of any product, and an overwhelming majority buy the product online. That’s why digital marketing is crucial for businesses.

3 Aspects of Digital Marketing Which Can be Beneficial for SMBs

In the coming years, the role of digital marketing will be more significant. And I am not talking just about big metropolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles. People living even in smaller cities also use the internet and look forward to buying a product by browsing through online shopping portals.

There are certain challenges for businesses in marketing their products online. I will discuss these in this blog and also the role of mobile apps as a medium of marketing.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm and continues to do so at a feverish pace. Unlike the product endorsement from celebrities, influencer marketing is all about getting your product famous by asking People, for influencers, having expertise in their field. Influencers are well-known in their social circle and also amongst the common people. So, when they endorse a product, many people get interested in it.

Surely, getting an influencer on board is not an easy feat. And for small companies in startups, it is difficult for the fact that they don’t have the amount to shell out that influences usually ask for. That’s why SMBs have to think about trying other marketing strategies and leave aside influencer marketing. So, there is no way that small businesses can also get an influencer on board?

Let me discuss this aspect now in a bit of detail.

Influencers on Board for Small Businesses and Startups

Suppose that you are trying to establish a startup and like to market your new gadget. This gadget is a combination of a smartphone and GPS and is aimed at professionals in the field. Companies know that they can get a good response from the target audience if they can get an influencer on board. But since you are a Startup and don’t have much capital to shell out on getting an influencer’s help, you may think about scrapping this plan altogether.

So, there is no way that you can get your favorite influencer on board? Read on.

You can ask an influencer about promoting your product on his social media platforms by getting into a contract with you. Through this contract, you can ask them to have a share of profit in the gadget you are about to produce. Let the influencer use your gadget for a few weeks and then ask for his feedback. If your product is good and the influencer will like it, he would surely like to have a share of profit from your gadget and will accept your offer.

You can always alter the terms or conditions of your contract with the influencer. Just think about your product getting off on the internet and having great sales right from the start. It is what startups and small businesses look for, but only a handful of them can achieve it. So, your business will start with the bank, and that’s why the help from an influencer matters a lot.

A prominent digital marketing company in New York can help you in getting the precise help from the influence of your choice. They can also offer you several other choices to make your product work in a tough marketplace like New York.

2. Understand your Customers

Any marketing strategy must be based on the customers. Because ultimately you will get in touch with your potential customers do you think that would be interested in buying your product? Doing thorough research about what your potential customers want from a particular product is the question you need to answer. Else, your business will be in trouble right from the beginning.

Understanding your customers is not just about what product they need or what features they like. From the market demographics, you will know about how and why people tend to get attracted to a product. And what makes them take the final decision to buy a particular product, leaving aside all the rest.

Let me again offer you the example of the tech gadget. Can you take a wild guess what would be your target audience so that you can start devising your marketing strategy in this regard? The kind of gadget I talked about would be most admired by the teenage crowd and young adults. Surely people from other age groups will also have a good look at it, but your primary target market would be the same that I discussed.

3. Mobile App for Best Results

Can you guess one factor that can be of the greatest help to businesses nowadays? In the form of a mobile app, businesses, regardless of the size in nature, can benefit from using it. So, after getting an influencer and getting a great marketing strategy by knowing your customer completely, you still need a mobile app? The answer is yes because the reach of a mobile app is extensive, and companies, especially in their infancy, need an app to help their cause.

If you are not sure how you can develop an app and use it perfectly for your business, there are several companies and consultancy firms which can offer you mobile app development. On the other hand, if you know how to develop an app, you can also get some help from them. Surely, all of us like a helping hand, and these consultancy firms offer businesses exactly what they are looking for.

For a product like a tech gadget, a mobile app is a must. You need to offer your customers the best assistance they need, and a mobile app would do justice to this cause. But remember that you will have to be patient as the mobile development process can take several weeks or even months.

Final Word

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog, I want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


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