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3 Original Ways to Advertise Your Business


There are many challenges facing small businesses in the current climate. Even when people are able to get back to work, your small business may struggle to regain market share. Making your small business more visible to those passing by can help. Additionally, putting your happy clients to work as your marketing team can also benefit your business.

3 Original Ways to Advertise Your Business

Add Visibility

A clever sign or emblem that stands out from your building can be a great help. While getting a sign built can be time-consuming and expensive, a custom flag banner announcing a special or sale will offer great visibility.

Flags are beneficial in a variety of ways. A custom flag can add a pop of color, catch the eye of pedestrians and drivers when placed outdoors, can be taken inside at the end of the day to avoid theft or weather damage. A bright combination of red on white announcing a Sale! can draw people closer to your storefront.

You can also add visibility to your business by serving as an expert. If you blend and sell custom lotions or skincare products, consider offering a class on at home blending or aromatherapy. If you run a bike shop, use flags to announce a clinic on bike safety, maintenance, and repair. Restaurant owners can offer a class on old-fashioned skills, such as bread baking or how to make a great pie crust.

For those who provide a mobile service, you’ve probably already got your vehicle displaying your offerings and abilities. What about tools such as pens, keyrings, and coffee cups? If you sell custom gift baskets, make sure that each time you drop one off to an office, bring in a tiny sample made up in a small metal pot. Include a flag display with your business name and contact info.

Add A Little Mystery

People are naturally curious. If the waving flag draws a potential customer close to your storefront, make sure you pique their curiosity. First of all, make your store look loved. Add flowers and perhaps a bench out front. Add lettering to the windows or use removable paint to announce a special deal. Don’t put poster board in the window so people can’t see in at all; it may look as though you’re closed. Instead, use bright lettering on the inside of the windows that will allow visitors to see just a bit of what’s going on inside. Encourage their curiosity and encourage them to come inside.

You can use media to increase the curiosity about your offerings. If you sell food and have a line out the door at any point in the day, get photos and videos of customers waiting for your wonderful coffee or delicious scones. Consider passing out samples to the folks in line to get their impressions on film. Study the interviewing style and tastes of local writers as well as radio and television personalities and invite them for brunch.

Build Your Flexibility

One of the best things about working with a small business is that you can quickly shift gears to provide great customer service. While large organizations tend to lumber and have a hard time pivoting, your business can quickly take off on a project. If any portion of your organization has become stuck or seems to be struggling, consider trying new ways of advertising your products, services, and sales. Your small business can’t provide a deep bench of experience or knowledge. However, with the right mindset, these sorts of initiatives can serve as catalysts for change for your clients.

Once you have a client that’s benefitted from your work, make sure you interview them to get their feedback on how you helped with their project, process, or product. If they approve, use their feedback in video promotions or write it up in your promotional emails. While you’re committed to protecting trade secrets, the process of agile development can work in businesses across the board. From services and marketing, your ability to rapidly upgrade or improve processes can help you improve your services and prices.


Small business owners and sole proprietors have the flexibility to utilize custom advertising to drive attention to their products and services. These are tools that many large companies simply can’t provide quickly. Your unique capabilities are key to your marketing strategy, so be ready to demonstrate just how different you are.

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