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3 Questions to Ask Before Ordering a Fiber Laser Cutting


Fiber laser cutting is an emerging technology to cut glass, wood, metal, and fiber. Many businesses and use the fiber laser cutting tech to come up with products that they can sell or use as a raw material in a final product.

3 Questions to Ask Before Ordering a Fiber Laser Cutting

With that said, buying a fiber laser cutting machine is not inexpensive. Each fiber laser cutting machine is built for a specific purpose.

If you are trying to get one for a particular product, you need to find out answers to a few questions first, like what the grading quality is, what products it can cut, what types of gases it uses to cut the material, and how you can use it for cutting that particular material.

In this blog, we will discuss all that and many more questions that you can ask your fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer/supplier when buying your first laser cutting machine.

List of questions to Ask When Buying Fiber Laser Cutter

So, let’s get started with the questions you should be asking your fiber laser cutter manufacturer/supplier.

1. What Can I Use It For?

Since each fiber laser cutter is made for a different purpose, when buying one for your business, make sure that you understand what type of machine you want. If you want to cut the fiber into plain sheets, a simple fiber laser cutter will do the job.

However, if you require the fiber laser cutter to create specific patterns for cutting, then you may need a programmed fiber laser cutter that can work on one particular design.

Generally, hobbyists want automated fiber laser cutters that can help draw multiple types of patterns for them. These fiber laser cutters are nowhere cheap and would require expensive materials to get the job done.

However, since their production is on a small scale, they create custom products that can be sold for a higher price.

On the other hand, large scale laser cutting services are generally looking for specific patterns that they can replicate for the mass market. Since they manufacture products in large quantities, their product can be created for a much lower price.

Since there are no specific customizations in them, the patterns can be sold for a much lower price as well.

2. What type of Fiber Laser Cutter Will Suit My Needs?

A manufacturer of fiber laser cutter will be able to tell a lot better about the type of machine and what purpose it can serve. For example, a hobbyist would need a small, portable machine that can do the job consuming less power.

He would have a small budget, so he would want a machine that requires less raw material or cheap raw material to get the job done. On the other hand, a full-scale business would want more power and speed for mass production. They will opt for professional laser cutters because they can handle a full day’s workload.

Professional fiber laser cutters use different types of tubes. The manufacturer will also be able to tell if the fiber laser will require different types of tubes for cutting the material. For those who have a limited budget would need a machine that can work with a set number of tubes.

You should also note that the type of machine you plan to purchase should be based on your requirements. If you simply want to cut fiber sheets, you may not need an expensive machine with 40W CO2 laser tube cutting.

This type of machine is used for cutting the metal into various patterns. For fiber cutting, a simple machine will do the trick.

3. How Big a Material Can the Machine Cut?

Each fiber laser cutting machine is designed for a specific purpose. So, you should ask the supplier about what type of material the machine can cut.

Most hobbyists will prefer a small machine between 12 inches and 20 inches because they have a small workspace. However, professionals require a bigger machine that can cut metal and glass. These machines are usually 36 inches or bigger.

Most large machines used in the industry require special equipment to lift them because of the delicate material used in them. However, once set properly, they can easily cut thick metal sheets.


We hope that you are now clear about what questions to ask your supplier when purchasing a fiberglass cutting machine for your business. While buying, do your due diligence and compare prices of the machine from various suppliers to get the best deal.

In most cases, there is always a supplier who is selling the machine for less than what you are paying to another supplier. So, compare prices and see which buyer is giving you the best deal.

While purchasing, be patient because only then can you ascertain the actual value of a fiber laser cutting machine and the price it is being offered for.

With that said, we are always looking for additional information that can add to our posts. If you think we have missed anything on fiber laser cutting machines, please let us know in the comments below.


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