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5 Amazing Things That You Must Know About Cashmere


If you want to represent luxury through clothing, then cashmere will represent the perfect example for you. If you ever own cashmere, then you must know why we are saying so. From the first touch, you will get to know that it is softer than any other fabric. The threads are like clouds that are woven together to float on your skin.

The perfect Cashmere Scarves will make your appearance more classy and regal. Not only the adults, but the parents also prefer to wrap their bundle of joy in the cashmere baby blankets to give them optimum comfort.

5 Amazing Things That You Must Know About Cashmere

This exclusive fabric raises so many questions among the people for years. Why it is so expensive, how the material is made and why it is so special, and many more. So, here we are collecting some amazing facts about Cashmere that will surprise you for sure.

1. Cashmere is known as the most expensive fabric in this world. If you want to know why it is so expensive, then you have to know the start of the production. The supply of Cashmere is quite low comparing to the demand.

The Cashmere Scarves are made of a special type of yarn which is collected from a very special variety of goat. That cashmere goats reside in the higher altitude of the Himalayan region with extreme temperature and harsh weather. To sustain in that area, they develop a soft and warm undercoat that is collected to make the cashmere yarn. Apart from that, the production of cashmere products is a work of intensive labor. The artisans of Kashmir hand made these beauties with dedication and love.

2. There are many regions where Cashmere is known as Pashmina that comes from the Persian word ‘Pasm’ which means wool. In the 3rd century, it has been documented that the Pashmina was used in the Indian royal families. In the 15th century, Zayn-ul-Abidin, the then leader of Kashmir started the Pashmina industry.

The word Cashmere was derived in the 16th century when people described the shawls made in Kashmir. In the early years of the 18th century, Cashmere started to get its due popularity in European countries.

3. There are other reasons as well that make the Cashmere so much special. The diameter of the Cashmere yarn is 19 microns which are 1/10 of human hair. You may have understood already the fineness involve in this. As a result, to make one piece of the Cashmere Scarves, they need wool from 2-3 goats.

4. Another excellent quality of Cashmere wool is that it is not itchy like sheep wool. The hypoallergic material lanolin is absent in this yarn. Moreover, the original Cashmere is made without any harsh chemicals. The products made of Cashmere wool are completely safe for the kids as well. For that reason, Cashmere Baby Blankets are quite popular all over the world.

5. Cashmere works as a natural insulator that means it absorbs the extra moisture and releases it in the air. For that reason, it is a favorite for almost all the season.

Who does not love to have a Cashmere Scarves? It is considered as the treasure trove for the winter closet, although many people resist their desire to buy this luxurious and expensive piece of the accessory. They thought that it may be very troublesome to maintain this exclusive scarf.

However, in reality, the thought is completely wrong. And both men and women can easily carry and maintain the Cashmere as a symbol of luxurious aesthetic in the winter season. If you try to find out the reason to buy the scarf, then we can produce you more.

What is so special about Scarves?

Just like the reasons to buy Pashmina scarf, there are so many special things about it to make it exclusive as well as expensive. Cashmere wool is the undercoat of the special Himalayn mountain goats that reside in high altitude. The processes of collecting the hair, cleaning and segregating it from dirt and finally spinning it as the yarn are tedious, tough and devoid of any machinery work. Each and every step is executed by hand only that includes utmost care and love of the artisans. We can say that, the Cashmere Scarf is a labor of love and that makes it so exclusive and special.

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