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5 Careers to Pursue in the Entertainment Industry


Entertainment refers to the indulgence in an activity that captures an audience’s attention and gives them pleasure. There are many forms of entertainment, and the audience engages for luxury, relaxation, and some are a form of therapy.

5 Careers to Pursue in the Entertainment Industry

Over time, the entertainment industry has grown to a level where it benefits the countries’ economies. Much as the roles people play in the industry seem to come naturally to them, it takes a lot of practice and educational background to be excellent in a skill. These developments have also led to the rise of different jobs an individual can pursue. Here are some of the careers.

Voice Actor

You have probably heard well-toned voices in animations, video games, and documentaries. Those who perform this role are voice actors. They use their voice to bring out the personality of a character in movies and animations.

At times, they give their voices for commercials and films and get paid in turn. A voice actor has to get some training or coaching on voice overs. As a voice-over actor, ensure that you find some gigs or practice often and record to perfect this skill.

As a voice actor, you will also need to develop your interpersonal skills to work with people from other disciplines. Most of the time, voice actors record from the studio with the observation from a sound engineer.


Dancing is among the most ancient forms of self-expression and entertainment. A choreographer is in charge of coming up with moves and organizing the sequence of every step in a dance.
In the modern world, events ranging from fashion shows to producing music videos and film performances incorporate the music. Dances and body move accompanies this music most of the time, and hence there is a need to have someone come up with a dance routine.

To start a career as a choreographer, you will need to be trained as a professional dancer, join a dance school and take a diploma in vocational dance courses. You will need to have good grades, and then you can then enroll for a postgraduate course in dancing in a music theatre.

Music Director

Music has proved to be a vital instrument to champion peace, human rights, and get entertained. Good music triggers the brain to release dopamine, the feel-good chemical. It takes more than just the right instruments and performers to produce quality music and music directors come in handy.

The purpose of a music director is to choose musical arrangements, soloist, and ensure that musicians play in harmony, rhythm, and coherently. They assist performers in attaining the right pitch, tempo, and volume during performances.

Becoming a music producer requires more than just talent. You need thorough training coupled with some educational background in music. Universities may require that you have extensive training before you pursue a bachelor’s degree. A great place to start would be an online Broadway school. The average annual salary for a music director is $33,999.

Film Directors

Just as the music director is responsible for every aspect of the performance, the film director handles movies. His job is to ensure that actors have a clear understanding of the characters in a script. They also create and share the creative vision for the film.

During shooting, they ensure that the actor evokes the desired emotional connection with the script. After editing, they assemble the various shots and decide how to combine them. The most prominent role of the film director is to maintain the budgetary aspects of a film.

They identify and choose the crew to work with and actors. The directors determine the time and locations for shooting. Becoming a film director requires vast technical knowledge and lots of experience in directing short films.

You need to be creative, with great attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills. The annual average salary for a film director is $69,797.

Entertainment Agent

Becoming an entertainment booking agent is a worthwhile career. As a booking agent, your role is to search for top talent and negotiate contracts with potential clients. Prior training is key in scouting for top talent.

You must also have useful negotiation skills and some basic legal knowledge about contracts. The average annual salary for an entertainment agent is about $65,000 to $200,000.

There are lots of opportunities in the entertainment industry. Technological advancements significantly affect the industry, but you can build a successful business with the right training and coaching.

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