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5 Powerful Phrases That Will Help You Ace an Interview as a Non-native English Speaker


As a non-native English speaker, answering questions at a job interview with native English speaking panel requires you to be verbally strong. There are many websites that will help you know English better with the help of phrases for many situations, including the one we are talking about. You can even look up illustrations and listen to audio samples, to understand, improvise and prepare yourself better.

5 Powerful Phrases That Will Help You Ace an Interview as a Non-native English Speaker

In this blog, however, we shall be talking about a few such English phrases that will help you, as a non-native English speaker,ace your next job interview. The kind of phrases shown herewill provide a strong impression about you and your communication skills, more so because you will seem to have a clear idea of such phrases that are required on official grounds. This will certainly make you appear as a worthy candidate despite English not being your native tongue.

Here are 5 powerful phrases that you should use in an interview as a non-native English speaker:

1. “It was my responsibility to…”

The phrase sounds professional without being over-the-top. So, if you want to set your bar higher and are looking to learn English phrases to nail an interview, this one is a good place to start. Naturally, the phrase plays a vital role in the work genre. So, incorporating it in your vocabulary will certainly help you provide a stronger professional impression.

2. “I took the initiative to…”

A very important trait that your manager will look for in you is to not waiting to be told what to do. They will not spoon-feed you everything but will only coach when they think they need to. Using this phrase shows that you are one of those who like to take initiatives and act, not just wait to be told to do things. It also shows your prowess in English, your confidence, and that you are motivated and prepared to do your job.

3. “As a result…” or “As a result of my actions…”

In any sphere of work, it is all about results. Whenever mentioning any activity or project that you have worked on or headed, always mention the result and the positive impact it had on the team and the company you worked for. Talking about results directly means that you know the basic rule of business. This will certainly have a positive effect upon the interviewers. There are many sites that provide hundreds of such phrases along with English proverbs like “an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening,” or “think of many things, do one”, and many more. Incorporating these in your speech will help you show yourself as good English speaker despite it not being your native tongue.

4. “There was a measurable increase in…”

This phrase is not so much in itself as much is the concept behind it. In any sphere of work, concrete facts and figures always outweigh generalizations. This means that the more specific you are, the more credible you will seem. For example, “During my last tenure in my previous company, I made a measurable increase in sales by 20% in 2 months” sounds much better than “I made a lot of sales during my last tenure in my previous company.” The importance of figures considerably adds to your professional character. Using this phrase further reassures your English-speaking prowess.

5. “Here’s an example of what can be done…” or “Here is an example of how I handled it…”

If you want to learn English phrases that will help you ace an interview, this is one of the most powerful of the lot. This is the means to add a real life example to the interview. A simple addition to your English vocabulary, it lets you show your capabilities rather than just say. For instance, let us consider one of the most common questions almost everyone faces during an interview: “What is your greatest strength?” As an answer, you can say that you are highly punctual, “here is an example of how I brought about a new client for my company by completing a new test projecton time”, and other such instances.

Using these 5 phrases will help you prove how, even as a non-native English speaker, have a good hold over the language and assure good communication skills. This will help a lot in acing your interview. All you have to do is look up the web for sites that offers such phrases along with thebest proverbs in English.


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