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5 Situations Where Your Family Needs a Lawyer


The financial and emotional responsibilities as well as the myriad legal ramifications that are involved in having a family and maintaining and properly allocating its respective assets to individual members, particularly in cases of domestic disputes and unforeseen deaths, can be a challenge for any family to handle alone, particularly when there are children to think about and other important things that are at stake.

5 Situations Where Your Family Needs a Lawyer

Furthermore, it is not always such a streamlined process and can get quite messy rather quickly without the proper guidance or assistance. This is where lawyers, particularly those involved with family law, can make all the difference in the world for families in difficult situations.

1. Divorce

Divorce can be a very messy and trying process, not only financially but emotionally. As a result, family members may understandably have a difficult time handling the issue rationally, let alone financially. This is where the best lawyer can offer an objective third party to lay out the issues impartially and dispassionately, acting as a stable rock in stormy seas.

Furthermore, a particularly competent family lawyer can help the family navigate the divorce in a fair and healthy a way as possible given the circumstances, potentially avoiding the need to go to court to resolve the issue there, which could only lead to more issues that would further lead to complications that could compound things further in an unproductive and even dangerous way.

2. Inheritance

In the case of an unforeseen passing of a family member, wills are often drawn up to declare to whom properties and finances will eventually be passed down. Disputes over inheritance, like those over divorce, involve allocation of resources and perceived entitlements, and as a result can lead to tricky disputes and disagreements for which, once again, a competent family lawyer can provide an unbiased helping hand to those who may be drafting a will or deciding who will inherit an estate or sum of money.

3. Child Custody

Usually associated with divorce, child custody agreements can be particularly troublesome and bring emotions to a dangerous level of confrontation as parents battle over who will gain all or most of the rights over caring for the child they had together, who also is faced with many emotional troubles in the midst of what can sometimes devolve into a parental tug of war that compounds the inherent stress already resulting from the divorce or separation.

A family lawyer can help parents come to an agreement about how they will share responsibilities over their child in the form of visitation rights and other matters, holding them accountable for the terms involved while remaining flexible in potentially amending them as needed. By doing so they can also help provide the child involved a greater peace of mind and hope for a better future.

4. Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements or simply “prenups” as they are more popularly known are those signed prior to marriage that layout conditions that would take place in case of divorce or separation. These include property distribution, child custody, and alimony considerations. From an emotional standpoint, there is a strong undercurrent of commitment and trust involved.

A family lawyer can help in drafting such an agreement and deal with any issues that could result from it from a legal standpoint, and in a way that respects both sides of the agreement and bolsters their shared trust in each other.

5. Litigation in Court

While family lawyers are able to help families resolve their issues without having to go to court, they are quite capable of handling them should they end up in court anyway. Their almost daily experience in such matters, combined with their in-depth knowledge, enables them to ensure that justice is done for all litigants involved amid the complexities of their own familial situations and those of family law itself.

All in all, the services that are provided by family lawyers are immensely invaluable and indispensable. Their experience and expertise allow them to offer a much-needed modicum of balance and stability to family issues that may often be clouded by passionate disputes and strong, almost seemingly intractable disagreements.

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The expertise of these family lawyers extends to and includes a wide variety of familial issues, such as divorce, custody, inheritance, and so much more, all of which they skillfully mediate.

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