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6 Edgy Ways to Dress Up Like a Style Icon


For fashion-forward people, taking chances and switching between looks to embrace the trending fad is second nature.

So, if you’re one too, you may like dressing edgy from time to time.

However, don’t mistake this style for that limits itself to distressed jeans. Because once you take the edgy plunge, you’ll see it offers much more in terms of leather, zippers, rugged boots, animal prints, etc.

Primarily, it all comes down to presenting yourself in a way that is different or unconventional. As long as you do that, you’ll discover that you can be edgy with the best of them all!

6 Edgy Ways to Dress Up Like a Style Icon

Remember, if you’re putting your first edgy look together, start small. It is, after all, the best way to shake things up. For instance, just change one component of your outfit. Whether it is your footwear, hairstyle, or eyewear. Then the next time over, change something else to complement it. And soon, you’ll have crafted a look that seems perfectly edgy to you.

Here are some edgy ways you may use to dress up like a style icon:

Embrace the beastly ways

By this, we refer to using animal – faux, of course – for a look that is both loud and aesthetically proud. So, for instance, pairing a leopard print dress with studded boots is just the first step. Pull-on your torn leggings and then shrug into a studded leather jacket.

Think that look isn’t as feminine as you’d want? Then put on a bright colored scarf for that extra pop. Next, place a belt around the waist. Make the outfit proper for a smarter event by swapping the boots with black stilettos.

Don’t just talk the edgy talk

Ever heard of winklepickers? Edgy as heck, these are pointed-toe leather boots. They were created so they could complement your skintight jeans.

If the boots aren’t a preference, you can opt for suede or buckled leather ankle boots. Just don’t slip your paws into trainers or sneakers. You don’t want onlookers to think you ran out of the home without adding that last touch to an edgy look. Do you?

It isn’t rose-colored glasses that you need

Instead, the blacker shades you choose, the edgier you go. They are a key element of the whole edgy ensemble, so we’d recommend never forgetting your sunglasses. If it’s sunny outside, you can flaunt them!

Edge into rocker-chic from plain edgy

Like all types of fashion, you truly cannot embrace a look unless you feel you look sexy. So, when you embrace your next rocker-chic ensemble, think about the following ideas. Firstly, you may be okay showing off a ton of your midsection. Then camis and crop tops are both good choices.

However, if you aren’t comfy in those, opt for a corset top. Pairing it shorts or high-waisted jeans will give you additional coverage. Next, put on huge sunglasses and bring the look home with a cool kimono-esque cardigan.

But that isn’t all that a corset top is good for. Because you can also create a fabulous look by flaunting with a utility jacket and hi-lo skirt. Then there’s another ensemble that you simply must try. Imagine skinny black jeans below and a chambray top above. Wear the corset and leave the top half unbuttoned, so passersby get tantalizing peeks as you sway away!

There’s no coming back from the edgy jewelry

You cannot think that your edgy look would seem complete without some well-stacked, contemporary, and edgy jewelry. If you did, then you aren’t thinking about outfits that are awesome enough!

But what should you look for when choosing edgy jewelry? First off, select inexpensive jewelry because you don’t want to spend too much on it if you change your look often. Next, don’t be scared of choosing weighty pieces. Finally, choose items that you can wear together in layers.

Other than that, you can consider creating a signature jewelry-based look. For instance, some fashionistas love wearing lots of cool rings. If you lean that way, buy some two-finger ones, knuckle rings, and knuckle shields.

However, if you’re more of a bracelet lover, then get some bangles in brass or copper. The showy ones with gold embellishments are another way to go. You can also pick leather wrap bracelets. Just arrange to wear only chunky pieces because they have a rock and roll vibe to them.

Lastly, almost all of us love earrings. But we’d recommend getting several pairs of long, skinny ones ala Demi Lovato. An added bonus is that these will flatter every face shape!

You can’t shrug off the matter of a jacket

We all know how edgy a black motorcycle jacket can look. Therefore, get a good quality one that will also keep you warm when the weather gets cold again. You won’t lack for choices; pick a style that suits your nature, fashion sense, and body shape. Moreover, they go with so many things, like dresses, jeans, and even shorts. No stylish wardrobe can be complete without a trusty leather jacket.

But not every style lover may want to ride around in leather. For those people, there are other options, including:

  • Plaid/solid pea gothic coats
  • Bomber jackets
  • Windbreakers

Good pairings can turn all these into edgy wear.

In the end, it is good to remember that there isn’t one edgy look. You can create the one that screams you, depending on the fashion style and items that suit you. Thus, at the end of the day, fashion should be something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable.

Whether you want outfits that are plain edgy, conventional, or rocker chic, embracing your sense of fashion will make you feel like that. And as you go along, refining it, you will keep coming up with newer edgy looks. But, with this blog, we give you a good foundation on the basic components that make an edgy statement.

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