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6 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Loves Experiences


With gift-giving season upon us, you probably have someone on your list that loves experiences instead of stuff. When people are given consumer goods, they may like them, but they may already have that item, or someone else may be planning on getting that item for them. Instead of giving consumer goods this year, you should consider giving them some sort of experience. This is especially true if your friend or family member loves to do different things.

6 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Loves Experiences

1. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are great for people who want to have an experience and learn new things. There are many different things that they can learn. This includes learning how to prepare bakery items, brushing up on knife skills, and learning how to cook a four-course meal. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking classes. To find this experience in your local area, contact the local college and some of the restaurants. Chances are that there are unique cooking classes offered all the time. Your friend or family member will be happy to get such a wonderful gift.

2. Camping Trip

Another great experience is to give your friend or family member a gift of a camping trip. If they are not a huge fan of camping, consider getting them a glamping trip. Glamping is a luxurious way to camp, and there are many options. For example, you can go glamping at Tentrr and opt for the pure golden hour Michelob ultra experience for some extra comfort and relaxation. When considering where to get a camping trip started, ask your friend or family about locations where they would love to go. Try to pick somewhere that they have never been before so that the experience can be truly unique. When considering camping, make sure that you find out whether or not your friend or family member likes tent camping or if they prefer to be in a camper or RV. This will help you to plan out the experience.

3. Horseback Riding

Most people do not own a horse as they can be expensive and a huge time commitment. If your friend or family member loves horses, but they are not able to own one, consider getting them a horseback riding experience. They can go on a trail or even oceanfront and ride a horse, depending on your location. You can also sign your friend or family member up for riding lessons if they are not experienced. For those that are experienced, you can get them show riding lessons for a unique gift.

4. Race Car Driving

If your experience-loving friend or family member loves racing, consider giving them a chance to drive a race car. There are many tracks in the United States that have experiences for fans. Some even allow people to drive actual race cars and even the pace car around the track. Other tracks allow people to drive exotic-style cars like Lamborghinis around the track. To find an experience like this in your area, find the closest track and check their website or give them a call to see what kind of experiences they offer. Most will have a track riding experience, and many will have add-on packages where your friend or family member can do more.

5. Flying Lessons

If you want to give your friend or family member a truly unique experience, consider giving them flying lessons. Learning how to fly will give them a unique skill that many do not have. Flying lessons are not just for flying planes. You can choose to give flying lessons for airplanes, helicopters, and even gliders. Take into consideration what your friend or family member would like and what is offered in your location. To find out what kind of flying lessons are offered, contact your local aviation school. They should be able to tell you what lessons are offered and when they take place.

6. A Trip to Hawaii

Another fun trip to consider gifting for the person who loves experiences is a trip to Maui in Hawaii. This spot has become a popular destination for family, friends, honeymooners, and couples. The warm sunny weather, beautiful views, and food make this the spot to visit.

There are world-class beaches for sun and surf and an afternoon of snorkeling along with tropical-friendly weather. You can check out the volcano, Haleakala, which is stunning and inspiring. And you and your loved one can take a sunrise trip 10,000 feet above sea level at Mt. Haleakala’s summit.

Giving your family member or friend a unique experience instead of a consumer gift can be a great experience for them and you both. They will always have the memory of the experience and be able to tell you all about it. They will treasure this gift for the rest of their life. To make the gift even more unique, consider packaging the receipt or gift information in a beautiful box or card.


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