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6 Thoughtful Gifts to Give the Dancer in Your Life


If you know someone who has a passion for dance, there are certain gifts that could be especially appropriate for him or her. Some items that are made specifically for dancers can help these artists master their skills better while simplifying their training. Any of these six thoughtful gifts could be perfect to give to the dancer in your life.

6 Thoughtful Gifts to Give the Dancer in Your Life

Spin Board

This special type of board is a compact tool that dancers can use to master their turns and positions. The board can be placed on many types of surfaces and be stood on by one foot to practice a variety of turns. One of the best aspects of a spin board is that it allows a dancer to turn while remaining flatfooted without having to remain on a pointed toe. This can help dancers refine their positions while turning without having to worry about staying up on the toe. Spin boards can also help dancers become more comfortable with turning faster and even work great for figure skaters who want to practice their spins off the ice.

A New Leotard

Dancers often wear leotards for performances and practices, and getting the dancer in your life a new leotard can be a great gift option. Just like with other apparel items, leotards can become worn over time with stretched-out materials that don’t provide as flattering of a fit. You can choose from a variety of color and style options including leotards that feature solid colors or intricate patterns for more uniqueness. It’s also possible to find leotards with rhinestones and other adornments that look great under a spotlight.

Competition Bag

Competition bags that are made specifically for dancers make carrying different outfits and accessories to competitions and performances much easier. Many competition dance bags feature separate compartments that help keep all items inside organized. Some bags even include a built-in clothes rack so that garments can be hung and kept wrinkle-free while traveling. A bag that comes with rollers will allow the dancer in your life to roll the bag on its wheels instead of having to lift and carry it everywhere. There are also duffle bags that work great for dancers on the go.


The right leggings can keep dancers cool and comfortable while working up a sweat on the dancefloor. Leggings can also provide extra protection from scrapes and other minor injuries that can hamper a dancer’s performance. Standard leggings are always nice, or you could choose to give your dancer leggings that feature pop art designs for some additional flare. Regardless of the style that you choose, you should look for leggings that are made from breathable materials and designed specifically for activities like dancing or gymnastics. There are also leggings that are made from thicker materials to provide additional warmth when dancing in the winter or in cold practice studios.

Customized Water Bottle

Hydration is especially important for dancers whose hydration levels often deplete with increased physical activity. As Popsugar explains, reusable water bottles are also good for the environment and can keep more disposable plastic bottles out of landfills. You can have a water bottle customized to feature the dancer’s name or any other special messages or mantras that will make the gift even more meaningful. Many companies that offer customizable water bottles allow you to select from a wide variety of color options along with other design features that will look great.


Female dancers often look particularly stunning on stage while wearing jewelry. A headdress that is made of gold or silver and features ruby, emerald or other gemstone adornments may work well if you’re looking for something that is flashy and will be particularly eye-catching during performances. You can also give the dancer in your life an engraved pendant or another piece of customized jewelry that features an inspirational word or message to wear during practices. Stud, dangle and hoop earrings can also make great gifts and be worn on the performance stage or in the dance studio.

The dancer in your life will likely appreciate any of these gifts and will remember you fondly when expressing their performance art. Whether you’re looking for something that will give your dancer additional convenience or style, these gifts ideas should definitely provide you with the right inspiration.


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