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7 Misconceptions About The Wedding Photography Industry!


A wedding requires huge emotional and material costs. But, it is one of the most important days of everyone’s life. Obviously, you want to capture and record everything that happened that day. This day is so eventful that when it ends, it comes to the realization that everything is mixed up in memory. In order not to regret the lost moments, you must definitely use the services of a professional photographer and videographer. It is much pleasure to watch a beautifully shot and expertly edited film, which includes the key moments of the holiday.

7 Misconceptions About The Wedding Photography Industry

An experienced photographer is well aware of the stages into which the day of celebration is conditionally divided. This makes it possible to catch the most important moments of the day. A professional is always ready for unforeseen circumstances in the form of damaged equipment or other technical failures, having a spare set of equipment. For example, wedding photographer in Bath is experienced and professional for making the wedding memorable.

Obviously, you need a solid and experienced photographer in order to make everything successful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about photography and videography. So, below are some of the most common misconceptions about wedding photography and how to avoid allowing them to turn your special day into a nightmare.

Misconceptions About Wedding Photography and Videography

1. It is Just Days of Work

When hiring a photographer, you must conduct a meeting with them. This will help you to see the actual job side of them. Once the photos are taken there, now the host will carry out the rest of the task back at the office. It may take some days. Hundreds of photos are taken on the wedding day. The photographer needs to go through these and remove the “not so good” pictures from the album. Photographers can spend around 14 hours editing the photo. So, think carefully about your ideas for photos. A professional himself will choose the most advantageous angles. Do not forget to order the services of a videographer to make not only beautiful wedding photos but also high-quality video.

2. Cost is Directly Related to Quality

Many people are under the concern that cost goes hand in hand with quality. You do not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money in order to get pictures that are truly breathtaking. You do have to make sure that you only hire someone who has the skill to get the job done. They also have to care about their work enough to ensure that they do not cut corners. The more you pay does not mean the better they are. You hire a wedding photographer who just started out and shot a few weddings. They produce stunning albums of beautiful photos. When looking for a wedding photographer, you want someone with experience, and you want a high consistency of photos that captures the day.

3. There is Nothing Complicated in the Work of Photographers

A photographer must be able to work with light, quickly respond to everything that happens on the wedding day, catch the right shots, and wear heavy equipment throughout the day. In addition, the photographer must understand photographic equipment, able to use professional graphic editors for post-processing, and keep abreast of current trends. In addition, they need to have good taste and be able to see a beautiful shot. After filming, photographers begin the processing period, which in its complexity is no different from the photo session itself. On average, the photographer has thousands of frames that need to be taken apart and put together in a series and processed.

4. Wedding Photographer Work Part-Time

Professional wedding photographers work full time, long hours, and days depending on the wedding location. When they are not at a wedding shooting, it means they are editing photos, emailing clients, posting work on social media, updating their website, and sharing wedding photos on their site. Being a wedding photographer is hard work and certainly is not just 5-9 long hours that can vary depending on the wedding.

5. The Services of Photographers is Expensive

The high cost of the photographer’s services does not mean that the result will suit you 100%. First of all, look at the shooting style, think about whether you like the processing, the manner of shooting, and frames. Price is just one of the factors that should influence your choice. Evaluate the level of photo processing in advance, it should completely suit you, so that later there will be no questions why the photos are too dark, blurred or light, etc.

If you really want to hire someone who is good enough to produce the best results, it is not going to be free of charge. If you are seriously concerned about your budget, then you can still hire a high-quality wedding photographer. Find and shortlist photographers you like. They will always offer ways to save money on a wedding photographer without compromising on quality.

6. Great Photos are the Result of Good Equipment

With the advent of affordable professional cameras, there are a lot of people who call themselves photographers. Work at weddings is a responsible task. The ability to handle technology, an understanding of functions, parameters, and special knowledge is the main difference between a professional and an amateur. An artist can generate beautiful work and the skill is in the craft they have developed for many years. The same goes for photography. You can learn to use the camera and set it up. But for getting a good photo, you need to know where to point it, what makes a good photo, thinking about light and composition.

7. You Just Need Photoshop

All series are processed but do not focus too much on Photoshop, filters, effects, presets. Most likely, when signing the contract, the photographer will specify exactly how many photos will be processed in Photoshop and how many frames will go through color correction. The photographers will not “gloss over” skin defects in all photographs without exception. It is better to use the services of a professional makeup artist or remove extra pounds.


Always remember that wedding photographers are photographers, there to capture real moments. By using their experience, they will reduce the need for any such editing to the image itself like removing a double chin, or reaching a waistline. The Bath wedding photographer has the skills to make your wedding day memorable. Photography and videography is a great choice for making your wedding moments amazing.


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