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7 Reasons Suspension Plays Major Role In Automotive


One of the most critical aspects of a car is the suspension system. Its function is to keep the car in control and to provide you with smooth rides. It maximizes traction to enhance excellent handling and car stability. Without a reliable suspension system, you’re not safe.

7 Reasons Suspension Plays Major Role In Automotive

When gauging the performance of your car, it’s worth considering how functional the suspension system is. The greater the suspension, the comfier the rides. This system supports your car’s weight so that the tires maintain contact with the ground and absorb shocks when driving over rough terrain.

It’s essential to inspect your car suspension regularly and install the highest quality suspension. Here are some of the benefits you get with an excellent suspension:

1. Absorbs and Dampens Shocks

Even with good speed, sacrificing comfort in your car ruins the experience. That’s why a functional automotive suspension is a critical vehicle system. The system consists of springs, shock absorbers, joints, bushings, linkage, bars, struts, and more. They are well placed between the frame of the car and the road.

The shock absorbers absorb and eliminate the undesirable spring motions and improve traction. They are in the form of hydraulic cylinders filled with oil and help to compress and decompress the suspension consistently, thus preventing the springs and the car from bouncing excessively.

Fine-tuning the suspension system allows it to efficiently absorb bumps on the road and enhance comfort and safety. The result is more enjoyable rides to you and your passenger.

2. Provides Steering Stability, and Good Handling

How the car handles curves and its entire movement on the road affects handling. Proper steering stability and excellent handling are vital to keeping the vehicle in control. The suspension smoothens rides and keeps the car controlled. It improves the friction between the tires and the road to deliver better stability and handling. Proper handling implies the vehicle can safely accelerate, negotiate corners, and brake.

3. Prevent Premature Tire Wear

Premature tire wear can be caused by underinflation, overinflation, improper alignment, and worn-out suspensions. With the critical role the tires play, it’s good to ensure that all these parts are functional. When it comes to suspension, worn-out shocks actively cause premature tire wear.

Shocks play many roles in improving comfort and control. It controls suspension movement, which in turn influences the tire’s grip on the road. You get better control and improved braking. This way shocks also prevent early failure of airbags and springs.

Ensuring the suspension is in good shape will help you avoid costly replacement of the wear intensive parts like the tires. Besides, it makes sense to check the suspension regularly as it improves the overall safety of your car and its users.

4. Enhances Contact Between Tires and The Road

One of the car suspension’s key responsibilities is to improve traction. Once this is achieved, stability and control are improved, delivering comfort to the passengers. Unless all roads are completely flat, car owners need to have a fully functioning suspension system. We are far from perfection with many imperfect roads. Its those roads’ bumpiness that causes an impact on the wheels. So as the wheels move continuously up and down the road, contact decreases. When this happens, the car can easily lose control.

5. Maintains Wheel Alignment

Controlling a well-aligned car is easy because it doesn’t pull to one side. The car can become misaligned due to the driving conditions like driving in rough terrain. You may not always be able to avoid these conditions, but an efficient suspension system can help enhance wheel alignments.

The suspension system consists of different components that function together to control the wheels and support the car. They include the mounting points, steering components, and control arms. When all these parts are in good condition, the car achieves a proper alignment and tires to work together.

6. Protects Other Systems

The car has many systems that together deliver the fantastic rides. These include the fuel system, engine system, lubrication system, the cooling or HVAC system and more. These systems and other parts of the car suffer from wear and tear. However, a sound suspension system means less maintenance and improved fuel efficacy.

An inefficient suspension system can cause the car to sway or dip when turning. That’s because the car isn’t able to counter the external forces resulting in erratic movements. The suspension’s shock absorbers prevent constant bouncing and control issues by keeping the tires on the road. Without it, the car quickly loses control leading to damage of various parts and, in the worst case, can lead to accidents.

7. Evenly Supports Your Car’s Weight

As the car accelerates, corners, or brake, weight is transferred. It moves around the roll center. To effectively brake, the weight needs to be transferred smoothly until it reaches the tires. The suspension and the tires play a significant role in handling the weight.

When you switch to another lane abruptly or cause a panic stop on the right side, weight transfers to the left-front wheel. If this part has weak strut or shock, the suspension might rapidly compress. This, in turn, means less weight and traction on the right-rear tire and left-rear tire. The car can lose control and might even roll. But if the car has excellent struts or shocks, weight transfer is improved for better control of the car.

Struts and shocks are part of the suspension system. These two work together in maintaining the weight exerted on the tires. The shocks help in ensuring there’s a good grip between the tires and the road. When they are functional, they provide resistance to roll, bouncing, and sway, thus helping you achieve a balanced ride.

The struts equally affect so much; they form an integral part of the car’s structure. It pulls together wheel alignments, brakes, tires, and steering. However, there are other parts like the coil springs supporting the car’s weight, its the struts that provide firm support to all the parts. In short, these parts of the suspension are great in supporting weight and providing smooth braking keeping everyone in the car comfortable and safe.


The suspension is an essential component of a vehicle. These are some of the reasons why you should always have a sound suspension system. Driving with a bad suspension results in uncomfortable rides, but it is also dangerous since the car can easily lose control.

You may think that the road is smooth because it appears. But you’ll realize that there are uneven parts or bumps with a closer look. Even if the road is smooth, it starts developing cracks, waves as it’s used often.

Having a reliable suspension system is cost-effective and leads to lesser problems on the road. It allows you to speed, easily steer and retain control of the car. That’s why you want to have the suspension regularly inspected to ensure it’s in good condition.

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