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Best Pastries According to Your Zodiac Sign


We all have at one or the other point of time loved to play the zodiac signs games. So this is also a kind of game where we decide what kind of pastries each of the zodiac signs.

It’s always fun to read and discover something new. So this list of pastries is based on the most basic habits and reactions of each sign, therefore there’s no need to include sun, moon and all other planets. With the help of an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else so that you can surprise your friends with something of their quality and these could be used to be sarcastic with somebody, but you must know how to do it well. There are many kinds of pastries, but for this article, we are specifically talking about pastries, some puff Pastries and some bread-based pastries. But you must keep in mind that these pastries are sweet. Well, there’s one thing to all and that is they all have a dark side. And with each positive sign there happens to be something negative too.

And even there might be cases where your best friend loves a kind of pastry and that belongs to their zodiac sign too and yet they are allergic to it. So don’t give them these pastries as a gift or offering. Let’s see what pastry you are or what you should eat.

1) Aries


The very first sign Aries is famous for being quirky, smart, energetic and enthusiastic. They are confident people yet quick-tempered. They have a dynamic personality that sways everyone off their feet. So for them, we are dedicating the best you have ever eaten a chocolate cheesecake pastry. It’s sweet, chocolate and a perfect blend of all the qualities that an Aries represents, it will give them the right form of energy and it’ll satisfy their palate and their impulsiveness for quite a while. Florists in Bangalore are easily available so you don’t have to worry about looking for a pastry here and there, just order online.

2) Taurus


Taurus is on one side the most amazing lover and looks like a picture-perfect man or woman, but their negative side is filled with greediness and possessiveness. But whatever their negative sides are, they are for sure reliable and patient. For them, we’ll have the most amazing and delicious chocolate pastry, get an online cake delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else. Similarly, a chocolate pastry appears to be very daring but it’s only after eating it that we can truly know what it is.

3) Gemini

So who’s got a Gemini best friend? I’m sure not once but many times you might have felt as if been robbed of the attention you deserved. Well, it’s not your fault, Gemini naturally has such qualities as they are communicative and versatile that makes them the center of all attention. Plus they are youthful and lively and any guy or girl would be willing to leave your sign and be with them. So the best thing is to order a pastry for them from the florist in Bangalore or anywhere else. For them we have a cream horn, softer inside and outside and yet has hidden fruity and creamy flavors inside.

4) Cancer

Cancerian is for sure the too clingiest person, moody and touchy too, but on the brighter side, they are homebodies who are emotional and loving, cautious and imaginative. So for them, we have a Danish pastry. These pastries are really good when you are willing to overwhelm or your cancer friend needs to be cheered up. All you have to do is get an online cake and flowers delivery in gurgaon that’ll get you this pastry easily through the bad times and daisies to help boost their mood.

5) Leo

Leo’s of all the zodiac signs, if they don’t love you they can be dogmatic and intolerant, and they would hardly want to be with you. But when in love they are generous and caring. So for them, we have got a Danish pastry. It’s made up of twenty-seven layers because it’s rolled so many times. These and many more layers are found in the character of Leo. And without any second doubt, you can buy them from a florist in Bangalore for a friend who has lost it.

6) Virgo

Have you ever been in a relationship with a Virgo? You would be for sure the dating a woman is a hectic thing and itself their control freak but want to admit it they love you but I will wait until you have finally expressed your feelings and on top of everything getting over a Virgo is difficult and itself and it may take you years to forget the wounds that they have given you. But keeping the sing a side we are discussing today the pastry that would suit them a pink champagne pastry. Because it represents their reliable character. Since many people avoid alcohol in cakes and you do avoid it but you’re not familiar with the taste of pink champagne so you can always order an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city.

7) Libra

If you ever thought of a partner who would do you all the romantic things in the world when you are with him say you just like the diamond necklace when you were passing through a street and Libra man just got to know about it then he is going to give your gift tonight because Libras are famous for being charming and lovable. An online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore is available so you can order for them a black forest pastry. This pastry is just an app for them because the Chocolate bread represents their daughter’s suicide whilst the topping of white frosting and cherries represent their romantic and peaceful side too.

8) Scorpio

This sign stands for being determined and once they have made up their mind where they are almost going to get it no matter now comes what may. Florists in Bangalore would be very easily able to provide the pastry that a Scorpio loves to eat and it represents the softness inside their heart butter crunchy trust on the outside and that pastry is a cream pop pastry with some berries on top.

9) Sagittarius

Did you ever think of a time this guy or girl tying down by following those stupid steps available online was absolutely wrong? Well exactly Sagittarius are easy going people and on top of everything, they hate clingy people and want their own space and freedom. The white chocolate pastry is a perfect suit for them, they have a never-ending quest for life and want to live every day to the fullest. And the best part is that it’s a unique taste so you’ll have to make a prior online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or some other place.

10) Capricorn

Capricorns are not only prude and intelligent but they are also humorous, disciplined, reserved and a lot more than what you usually see on the outside, they have grudges hidden inside them than all other signs. For Capricorn, we have dark chocolate truffles, after all not all can dare to have a really strong taste and ask for triple espresso in the morning. The best part of all is that you can contact a florist in Bangalore or any other city and they’ll not only deliver for your best friend chocolate truffle pastry but also flowers.

11) Aquarius


This is one of those signs that is full of humanitarian assistance and friendly, and their negative traits are nothing compared to fellow Capricorn. For the sweet and salty Aquarius, we have a pineapple pastry. It’s fresh and full of tangy and sweet pineapple-like the Aquarius is.

12) Pisces

The last of all the zodiac signs, now suppose if you are somebody who likes to run away from your problems for a while. For this sign, we have got a beautiful and yummy layered chocolate fondant pastry. There is nothing better than sending your loved ones fresh flowers and this fondant pastry.

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