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Birthday Party Themes For Sweet 16


Are you looking forward to throwing the most exciting birthday party for your daughter’s sweet 16? But are you confused as to what theme to go with for the most amount of fun? Don’t worry; we have curated a list of exciting 16th birthday party ideas for a girl for you to choose from. Have a look.

Birthday Party Themes For Sweet 16

Jungle-Themed Party

If your daughter is an animal lover and is close to nature, you can also consider a jungle themed party as part of her 16th birthday party ideas. You can hire professional services and also have some animals around in your backyard under expert supervision. Not just that but you can also go for a dress code wherein everybody can dress accordingly. Let your daughter be the jungle princess and be around animals as much as she likes. Don’t forget to name the dishes on the menu accordingly and add a personal touch to the drinks. 16 birthday party ideas should be inclusive of all the things that your daughter likes. After all, it is her sweet 16.

Organize A Backyard Carnival

A backyard carnival is one of the most exciting 16th birthday party ideas for a girl. Organize a carnival party in your backyard and invite all her friends to have a good time. Arrange a few stalls wherein they can play games and win exciting games. Don’t forget to serve cotton candy and hot dogs at lunch. Create a festive feel by decorating the backyard with colorful cloth pieces and balloons. You can also hire professional services and set up a tattoo station in your backyard wherein all the kids can get themselves a cool temporary tattoo. It is one of the hottest 16th birthday party ideas of 2018.

Turn Your House Into A Disco

You can give your daughter the atmosphere of a disco right at home. Invest in an affordable disco ball and some glow in the dark accessories. Change the mood of the place by dimming the lights and installing the disco ball. You can also install some LED lights all over the place for extra effects. Prepare a list of favorite songs and let her go crazy with her friends. Don’t forget to keep the food and soft drinks coming. This is one of the exciting 16th birthday party ideas 2018 for your daughter.

Bring Movie-Theatre At Home

16th birthday party ideas have to be innovative and exciting. You can organize a movie-hall themed birthday party at your place. Invite her friends for a sleepover and arrange mattresses and blankets in your backyard. Install a screen and play some of their favorite movies. Offer popcorn and drinks just like they do at the movie theatre. Prepare a snack box for each kid and also add some goodies in it. Pass on the snack box to them as they comfortably enjoy their movie night. This could be one of the easiest and yet coolest birthday party ideas.

Don’t forget to have fun and let your daughter enjoy the day to her fullest. Live in the moment and let your creative juices flow to throw her the most exciting party of the year!

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