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Buying Guide for Washing Machines


A Washing Machine appliance is one of the most useful problem-solving inventions. There are many different brands offering different models with their own array of functionalities. You should know about some basic information about the appliance like what kind of capacity is ideal for your household and what are the different features you would need, for example, wash programs, Inlet water types, drying efficiency, and more. Definitely, the process of deciding the best washing machine is full of complexity but through this buying guide, we have tried to highlight the most important features which you should get into your consideration before you pay the final amount.

Buying Guide for Washing Machines


Before you even begin looking out for different models, the primary concern is to know how much capacity you need in the washer. This factor is directly proportional to the number of persons in your family. More is your family size, more should be the capacity of the washing machine. This is a critical decision making factor because an overloaded washer would lead to reducing the cleaning performance of the appliance. Not making it sound more complicated, if you have a family of 2-3 persons and you do laundry two times a week, a 6-6.5 KG washing machine is fine for you. If the family size is 4-5 persons, look for a 7-7.5 KG washer and if you have a bigger family than 5 persons, consider a washing machine with the capacity of 8-10 KG.

Type of the Washing Machine:

After you know the right capacity, deciding the type of washing machine is your next move. Firstly, there are two types of washing machines available, Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines and Semi-Automatic. The difference is an Automatic washing machine is capable of washing and drying your garments on its own but in Semi-Automatic washers, you have two compartments where you have to shift the load from washing to the drying area every time.

Automatic washing machines come in two different setups:

  1. Top Load Washing Machines
  2. Front Load Washing Machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines are available in Top Load Medium only.

A High-Efficiency Top Load Automatic Washing Machine will cost you somewhere between 10-20 thousand INR and Front Loaders are available in the range of 20-35 thousand INR.

Semi-Automatic washing machines are the cheapest form of washing machines and you can easily get one under 15000 Indian Rupees.

1. Spinning Capacity

A washing machine is incomplete without the dryer and the spinning speed of the dryer is one of the crucial elements in the passage of your washing machine buying cycle.

This property is calculated in RPM(Revolutions Per Minute). The higher the RPM, the higher is the drying capability of the washing machine.

2. Wash Cycles

If you are looking forward to buying an automatic washer, there are numerous advance wash cycles available to enhance your washing experience. You will find more than the required options in a High-end Top Load washing machine. I recommend you to especially look for fabric oriented and automatic wash programs helpful in varying climatic conditions. For example cotton, synthetic, wool, denim, silk, and Fuzzy Logic for automatic sensing of different load conditions.

3. Temperature Control

Many times, according to the extent of dirt or the capacity of the load, we need different suitable temperature conditions. For example, in the current COVID time, it is being continuously advised to use the warmest possible setting in the washer to get rid of any harmful bacteria or germs from the textile surface.

4. Inverter Technology

Inverter technology in washing machines enables the washing machine to run at the most optimum speed based on the different load capacities at different times. The objective is to save a significant amount of power and hence reduce the number of power bills a user would pay with the use of an ordinary washer.

5. Convenience in use

In terms of use, users are much more familiar with the top load setup. These are less technical than the front loaders. In terms of features and technological advancements, front loaders offer a lot more. If you are a person with back pain problems, we will recommend you to go with the top load machines as with the front loaders, you have to bend and put the load inside the tub and that is going to be a big mess to do it every time.

6. Additional Features

There are some more additional and new-age features being offered for the extra security of the user and the appliance. For example, child lock, soft closing lid, protective rat mesh, voltage control, etc.


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