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Classification of Engine Oil: Group 1


If you’ve ever gone to your local bike parts store and walked down the engine oil aisle, you’ve most likely been stunned or even overwhelmed at the number of various choices you have. There are various brands, amounts (quantities), loads, and even various kinds of oil. How on the planet might you be able to perhaps know which one is right for you?

Classification of Engine oil: Group 1

It’s really not close to as troublesome as it appears. If you consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you’ll find what weight of oil to use, how regularly you should change it, and how much oil you should invest each & every time you do. These are all necessary things to know, yet your manual may not include what sort of oil to get. This is maybe the most significant decision while choosing your new oil, as it could have an entirely noteworthy effect on your motor’s wellbeing.

Coming down to the engine oils’ materials, the description about base oil is as follows:


Base oils are used to make items including lubricating oils, engine oils and metal preparing liquids. The base oil is delivered by methods for refining raw petroleum. This means that unrefined petroleum is warmed all together that different distillates can be separated from each other.

Group 1 BASES: G1 base oils sold by LB Lubricants made at their treatment facilities are some labelled products that are basically utilized as the main raw material in the detailing of lubricant oils for the industry as a rule. They are characterized by their paraffinic nature and low fragrant compound substance. The main field of utilization of these bases is the definition of lubricant oil special applications. The wide scope of viscosities of the SL and SM arrangement considers meeting all the lubrication needs frequently found in LB Lubricants products.

Various products require various pieces and properties in the oil. One of the most significant variables is the fluid’s thickness at different temperatures. LB Lubricants have varieties according to your needs. You can find the specifications of the products as follows:

LB Premium:

LB Premium 20W – 40 SM Viscometrics. Exceeds API SM and JASO MA2 performance levels. Its features include longer drain spans, lower clutch slippage, gives better mileage. This product is recommended for high performance bikes of Bajaj, Kawasaki, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda.

LB Puro Lite:

LB Puro Lite 20W – 40 SL quality 4-stroke motor oils developed specifically to meet the necessities of the most recent elite air-cooled 4-stroke bicycle motors. These oils are mixed from superior quality base oils and extraordinarily chose execution additives. LB Premium 4T surpasses the exhibition necessities of API SL.

LB Puro + :

LB PURO + 4T PLUS 20W-40 SL is designed with trend-setting innovation added substance system to give a high level of protection and execution. This is elite motor oil for 4-stroke 2 wheeler. This oil is mixed from high viscosity record base stocks and contains additives to fulfill the expressed exhibition guidelines. It gives amazing wear assurance at high temperatures and serious working conditions.

LB Natural:

LB Natural 10W – 30 SL oil is top-notch quality motor oil, detailed to high-performance four-stroke motor oil for 2 wheelers. This gives full security over rust, wear and tear.

Its benefits are that the oil is reactant convector viable, high fuel efficiency and most extreme force yield, generally speaking motor tidiness. It is highly recommended for modern high-performance bikes.

We can use this type of oil in non-gear bikes like Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, Hero Pleasure, etc.


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