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Cloud Technology Elevating Call Answering Service


Enriched customer experience helps to boost business productivity, thus every company looks forward to keeping the business customer satisfied. Cloud technology has a significant role to play in uplifting customer experience, thus companies today make sure that they leverage cloud services to reach customers hassle-free.

Customer experience management is not as easy as it seems. Witnessing the times like COVID-19 where people were compelled to stay indoors, the cloud technology has proved to be the guardian angel for several organizations, as it kept customer service going.

Cloud Technology Elevating Call Answering Service

In pandemic times, reaching the customer the same as before was next to impossible, however, for companies using cloud technology, it was easy to deliver un-interrupted phone answering services.


Well, Cloud computing gives access to data servers over the internet. It is the on-demand accessibility to computer systems like data storage and computing power over the internet. The best part about cloud systems is that it does not require a team of manual agents to be present physically for management at the company’s office. Cloud computing is where data centers are accessed by users over the internet.

With the help of a cloud-based solution, companies can help their agents get data accessibility anywhere, which eventually helps in optimum service performance irrespective of the agents’ physical availability in the office. Not only is this, but cloud technology also helps with personalized service experience, team collaboration, enriched customer experience, etc. with just an internet connection.

This is the reason, call answering service providers using cloud computing technology-assisted their customers with eased query resolution. Whereas, several companies lost loyal partners in lockdown as they couldn’t contact customers in need.

According to the ‘State of Customer Experience 2017’ report, 39 percent of contact centres have already migrated to the Cloud, and a further 53 per cent are planning a move to the Cloud within the next three years.

Post-COVID, cloud computing has become an obligatory need for the call centres offering answering services, as it helps to streamline processes and personalize services for enriched customer experience. Nevertheless, why is Cloud the best option Why is it in so much pomp and show?

Cloud Technology Benefitting Call Answering Service to Strengthen Customer Experience:

Personalized Customer Experience

Customer service can be personalized only when the business agents know the customers’ behaviour, likes, and dislikes. Since the data stored in the cloud system over the internet helps to analyse customer-business interactions drawing insights on their needs, thus it is easy to offer a personalized experience.

The agents handling phone answering services leverage the cloud to understand the customer requirements, thus they enrich the customer experience with tailored call support service. Analysing the customer calls, the business pitfalls, and the potential needs that the can uplift processes are easily known.

In times like COVID-19, companies that leveraged cloud technology did not end to stand still in times of lockdown. With the help of data servers available over the internet, service providers were able to reach customers like a normal day.

Customer experience is undoubtedly supreme, so why choosing traditional BPO services when answering services can be simplified and personalized with cloud solutions!

Phone Answering Services get 24X7 Service Availability

In a pandemic, several companies struggle to reach customers, and, with the traditional call answering service, it is hard to maintain service efficiency.

Leveraging automation and modern technologies like cloud solutions, agents can answer customer calls and can even make an outbound call to a customer accessing the data over the internet. Not only is this, but the cloud also secures their partners’ data, so there is no threat of security breach too.

Call centres were traditionally all about answering incoming and outgoing calls to the customer 24X7. These calls could relate to a similar query and agents had to answer each inquiry manually. However, with the advent of cloud solutions, agents do not need to be present physically in the office with headsets and cameras on, however, they can perform their tasks staying at home. This feasibility is because the cloud makes all necessary data available over the internet, which can be accessed easily with an authentic secure password.

24X7 service management was hard earlier, however, cloud solutions make customer data available easily, thus different customers can be directed in alternate slots to offer optimum answering support.

Information Access as a Team

With the advent of cloud technology, companies offering phone answering services can help their agents access a piece of information together. Cloud allows multiple team members to access similar information in one go.

Team collaboration is not an issue with cloud solutions on-board. If you think that not managing functions indoors can land your agents into trouble, then do not worry, cloud service is the key!

Using cloud solutions, the unavailability of employees physically in the company will not affect customer experience. Business agents will be able to handle call answering responsibilities the same way as before by shifting the business functions to the cloud.

Meeting Changing Customer Needs

Companies offering phone answering services handle multiple outgoing and incoming calls for the business. The agents handling call answering service understands that customer requirements keep on changing, thus with cloud solutions on-board, brands can scale up and down the business as the demand changes.

Enhanced Service Performance

Traditionally what did call answering include? Well, it was answering the customer’s concerns over calls, emails, and texts. However, with changing market needs and a technically proficient era approaching the business world, answering services have augmented.

Analysing the shopping experience and interpreting the keywords searched by the customers, the cloud helps the agents get easy access to essential data that helps to bring service changes accordingly. Astounding reviews from loyal partners is what attracts customers towards a business, thus the presence of cloud solutions helps to uplift services to the customer even at times when the answering agents are physically unavailable in the office.

Omnichannel Customer Communication Management

Managing Omnichannel customer communication with the same ease as managed by a team of agents working in-house is not easy. When we talk about Omnichannel communication, we mean handling answering service over, texts, calls, emails, inquiries on webpages, and social media.

Handling answering service over multiple platforms with managing data to understand the customers’ intent is not easy, however, companies rely on cloud solutions for the same. Integrating customer data into a central source, cloud solutions help to draw insights from customer’s needs. Thereafter using these insights, agents get an understanding of the customer needs, their preferred channel of communication, etc. This way answering capabilities are augmented automatically.

Irrespective of the channel used by the customer for communication, cloud solutions data management advantage helps to amplify customer experience with astounding call answering service.

Reduced Cost and Enhanced Efficiency

Call answering service has always been an integral part of any business. Enhancing the service with cloud solutions have been in talks because cloud-based solutions help to save costs and boost business efficiency.

With the help of cloud technology, the need for agents being present in the office manually is no more a concern, thus saving operational expenses. Moreover, it is been seen that when agents get to perform business functions from home, in a friendly environment, they tend to deliver enhanced results. Eventually, this reduces attrition disputes too!

Thus, cloud solutions keeping a check on every tiny data detail helps to enhance customer experience with a check on infrastructural costs.

How can one Migrate to the Cloud?

Well, here we team up the best tips:

  • Using SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Considering the impact of cloud solution beforehand.
  • Using a phased approach.

Ending Statement

As per the study by 2018 IDG Cloud Computing, 73% of the firms use at least a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. Not only is this, but 57% of the survey even reports that customer service enhancement is all because of the investment in cloud solutions.

More of the Benefits of Cloud Technology Include:

  • Leveraging cloud solutions, 94% value on customer loyalty increases.
  • Customer satisfaction also augments to 10.3 times.
  • Profit margins climb up to 79%.

Selecting the right technology, customer service excellence does not remain to be a dream. Cloud computing is one such technology that helps augment call support service with data available anytime, anywhere.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner, Cloud users will double by 2021, and the market built around this technology will grow from $153 billion in 2017 to an estimated $302 billion in 2021.

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