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Complete Guide to Convert MBOX to PST Manually in Apple Mac


Converting MBOX files to PST has now become a tactical strategy to make a backup of important data, as well as enjoy more features in Outlook PST. Sure both formats are widely used, MBOX being used in Apple, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc, and PST being universally used in Outlook. Since MBOX is found in many email clients it would be better to convert MBOX to PST manually. In this write-up, we will discuss keeping in mind Mac users, as it will help in getting more knowledge about How to export Apple Mail to PST and shed light on the process of import MBOX to Outlook Mac.

Complete Guide to Convert MBOX to PST Manually in Apple Mac

Although MBOX is a flexible file format and used in many email clients, we cannot deny that it makes the task complicated. The Outlook is a more established email client providing more security features and practicality. So, we will discuss the need to export Apple Mail to PST and How you can do this efficiently.

Why export Apple Mail to PST?

  1. MS Outlook offers to work even in offline mode without any internet connection.
  2. MBOX file format in Apple is not widely used by advanced organizations.
  3. MBOX file has frequent issues like automatic locking of files which can cut productivity.
  4. Mac Outlook will give more security features as compared to email clients using MBOX files.
  5. The Outlook PST files are more portable and cost-efficient, containing all data- emails, contacts, calenders tasks, etc.

Ways to convert MBOX to PST manually in Apple Mac

There are two ways to import Mbox to outlook mac:-

  • Convert MBOX to PST manually
  • The direct solution through Mac Mbox to PST converter.

We will discuss these two methods in detail. The first method is quite lengthy as one cannot directly convert MBOX files to PST in Apple mac.

Method 1. Manual way to export Apple Mail to PST

Step 1. Save the mails from Apple Mac

  • Open Apple mail in your system
  • Click on file > import.
  • In the next tab choose Mbox files from the desired place and click continue.
  • After the import process is finished click on the finish button.

Step 2. Create a mailbox in Eudora

  • Update the MBOX file extension in the recently imported files. For example, change the extension in the following way ABC.mbx
  • Now move these files to Eudora. You can find this at the default location-“Local disk C: Documents and Settings user > application data\Qualcomm\Eudora”
  • Open the Eudora and open the imported file in it.

Step 3. Import MBOX to Outlook Mac/Express

  • Open Outlook express.
  • Go to File menu then go to Import > messages
  • In the next tab, select Eudora from the list of email clients.
  • Now, browse, and select the.MBOX files.
  • Click on Next and finish.

Step 4. Migrate mailbox from Outlook Express to MS Outlook

  • Open the MS Outlook and go to file > import/export option.
  • Choose the option, “Import from other file and folder.”
  • In the next tab, select “Import internet mail and address” click next
  • Now select, “Outlook Express or Window mail.”
  • Browse and choose the files which you want to import/export and click on finish.

Now the files will be displayed in Outlook client.

Limitations to convert MBOX to PST manually-

  1. It is very time-consuming to first import MBOX to Outlook mac and then to PST Outlook.
  2. Data integrity cannot be maintained while converting many large files.
  3. It needs some prior technical knowledge of email client working.
  4. Batch conversion is difficult.

Method 2. The direct solution to export Apple Mail to PST

One of the practical ways to convert MBOX files to PST would be through a Mac MBOX to PST Converter. It will help in swiftly converting MBOX to Outlook PST and 15 other formats like OST, CSV, TXT, MSG, PDF, EML, EMLX, and HTML, etc. It can convert into word and image formats like DOCX PNG, JPG if needed.

Advantages of using this method:-

  1. Full support is there for Apple, Eudora, and Opera mail users to export mailbox items easily.
  2. Option to preview the data before conversion
  3. Compatible with all Outlook versions.
  4. Users can give a custom folder name and save converted files at the desired place so that they can find them easily


Exporting MBOX files to PST is the most viable option to get saved from data loss. Moreover, some added benefits and features in Outlook would be very beneficial for any company. The user can certainly convert MBOX to PST manually in Apple Mac as it can completely export the select data files from Apple to Outlook PST. However, we cannot deny that it will be time-consuming to carry out this method. It is advisable to directly convert MBOX files through Mac MBOX to PST Converter, as it will support data integrity as well as do match conversions.

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