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Cyborg New Technology To Empower The Union Of Humans And Electrodes


Cyborg technology is based on fictional science. Now scientists are heading to fuse human control with machines. A cyborg, with the help of researchers, will be playing a pivotal role in the integration of the human body and tools. It is thought to be new diagnostics for humans and will replace older traditional complicated diagnostic devices.

Cyborg New Technology To Empower The Union Of Humans And Electrodes

Cyborg to provide new diagnostics

It is a complicated and tough task to integrate machines in human boy to perform diagnostics tasks. These are done to locate any damaged body parts or tissues, after which surgery or corresponding treatments are performed on damaged body parts. But the scientist has introduced some new elements and their covering, which could help adjust this era of technology where thorough research is carried out by scientists to integrate human and artificial technology by launching new component technology.

These cyborgs will be comprised of half-human, and half machines mean that these devices of components will be connected or integrated into the body of humans for monitoring tasks reported cheap essay help uk in their medical research assignments.

Virtual meeting at American Chemical Society

The scientists are going to demonstrate their new ideas of real cyborgs formation in Virtual meetings that will take place at ACS (American Chemical Society). David Martin, the leader of the research, has said that the reason why we are focusing on cyborg technology is that we attained the thoughts from the integration of solid electrodes of micro-size into the human mind. However, the brain is composed of live matter, which is quite complicated, and we concluded to opt for something new and more manageable.

It could be very dangerous if they implanted solid microelectrodes made of gold, aluminum, etc.

These minerals could damage sensitive parts of the brain, and anything could happen to humans, so we did not try to take a risk by interfering with these particles in the human brain.

For signaling in mind and tissues, there needs to be proper flow of these signals, but any damage could interrupt the signals of the brain or muscles. Moreover, these could destroy the lining of muscles or brains.

Martin described how they looked for alternatives as he depicted that they began to find out components composed of organic materials such as natural polymers, which were utilized in many other non-living gadgets. They introduced a chemically inert instance to provide a subtle covering for electronic devices, and luckily it was successful for them to utilize organic polymers for their experiments. The scientists concluded that the organic polymer possessed characteristic which was essential to interrelate the human body and robot or electronic devices
The only thing is that these polymers can be activated through automated flow, and also they can be initiated with an electric thump. Availability of both ions and electrons can be proved a huge plus for these as ions and electrons both move when the polymer needed to be initiated.

The cyborg technology-based polymer

The polymer is known as PEDOT or 3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene, and it is proved to decrease the risks of scarring while medical implantation of electronic devices within human bodies, and it lowers the risks by two to three percent which is quite extra-ordinary for all researchers. Besides, the polymer can help the device to clam the battery in the human body so it can remain activated for a longer time within tissues or body parts.

New experiments being conducted on polymer

Since the scientists have identified the productivity and efficiency of the polymer, now the researchers are moving to put additional polymers like aldehyde, carboxylic groups with this polymer to check the combined results of these two groups.

Researchers are speculating that the addition of such organic polymers will enhance the efficiency and functionality of PEDOT polymers for the electronic merger of devices with the human body.

Scientists consider maleimide to have enough potential to perform substitutions of molecules with biomolecules. As per reports, it will help to create biopolymers having extensive functionality than ordinary chemical polymers. Through this process, scientists can add any peptides, nucleotides with material to produce a biomolecule. Thus, it is more manageable for researchers to create PEDOT coatings of their choice by using maleimide substitutions.

The newly developed VEGF

The researchers have been successful in the development of a coating of PEDOT, which comprises VEGF (Vascular and endothelial Growth Factor) and also antibody connected. The vascular and endothelial growth factor is utilized when the blood vessel gets damaged due to injury, and the factor promotes the growth of these vessels. Additionally, the blood circulation of vessels is also increased by this factor. The polymer PEDOT with the attached antibody can be used to diagnose frequent release of VEGF factor and help in earlier diagnosis of any disease. Hence, it will be more raid and fast detection by using this technology.

The other efficient and co-polymers introduced by scientists
There are many modifications of this polymer with the addition of several biomolecules such as for human brain neurotransmitter are added along with polymer to check the functionality and neural diseases. Although brain diagnosis is not easy yet with the help of this polymer, it would be more precise and safer.
Moreover, scientists are researching to amalgamate artificial intelligence with the minds of living people as some experiments have been tested on humans, and possible positive results have been attained with dopamine correlated polymer in human minds.

What are scientists aiming now with PEDOT?

Now scientists have plans for experimenting on polymerization of PEDOT into the body of any living person. It would be a huge success for biotechnology as well as electronic technology, which would be revolutionary for human. This is the basic dream of scientists to insert the organic material into living organisms and connect these with tissues of bodies.

Medical science will hugely welcome this step, which will reduce the diagnostics barriers faced while monitoring the process. Moreover, there will be more ways of leading to introduce biotechnology more successfully for medical advantages.


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