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Everything to Know Before Buying a Diesel Generator


Having an extra power supply source is essential, and for that, diesel generators would be the most appropriate choice. The thing with diesel generators is that these can be used as an electrical supply unit. These generators make use of two elements, an engine powered by diesel and an electric generator.

Everything to Know Before Buying a Diesel Generator

Types of Diesel Generators

There is a variety to choose from. As the uses of generators are many, the shapes and sizes required would differentiate as per their required work. You can find generators in various sizes, designs, and models. Different generators have different applications. If You Plan on Buying a Diesel Generator, Here are Some Types to know about:

#1. Industrial and Residential: Industrial generators are actually bigger and provide a large amount of power. Industrial diesel generators can work for longer time durations with no wear and tear. However, most residential generators are smaller, provide less power, and cannot work non-stop for long durations. You can use a residential diesel generator in small shops, households, and for offices.

#2. Air Cooled or Water Cooled: Air cooled generators are cooled by air and the water-cooled ones are cooled by water. However, the difference lies in the systems for cooling. A water-cooled diesel generator would require a different set-up for this function alone, which is why such generators require high maintenance.

#3. Power Output: As the sizes of the generators differ, the amounts of power generated and given out differ. If you are trying to supply power to small establishments, then making use of a residential generator would suit your purpose. The larger outputs for generators usually mean those are industrial power generators.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Diesel Generator?

As the power supply would depend on what appliances and tasks you need to do with the generator, here are some specifications to know of before you purchase a diesel generator:

#1. Power: As mentioned above, power is a crucial factor. Always consider the type of work you have in mind for the generator. Industrial generators would not be suited for a household. Try to calculate how power you actually need.

#2. Phases: All diesel generators come with single and three-phase compatibility. Before you purchase one, figure out what kind of phase system it needs to be connected to.

#3. Fuel: Before you purchase a diesel generator, figure out how much diesel it consumes per hour and how much output it generates with that. Consider the fuel efficiency provided by the generator.

#4. Systems: Generators come with distinct sets of features. Try to figure out which type of systems it has and whether those systems offer you any help. You could get generators that automatically transfer power during a power cut, displays warnings, etc.

#5. Noise: You must consider the noise the generator creates. For residential uses, it is important to go ahead with a model that does not make living around it troublesome. Some generators feature noise absorption technologies.

Benefits of Owning a Diesel Generator:

  • Diesel generators do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • The lifespan of diesel generators is longer.
  • Diesel generators offer better fuel efficiency.
  • Low noise outputs.
  • The build of diesel generators is better and sturdier.

Diesel generators work well for many activities. You can make use of these generators as a source of power for power cuts or make use of these to work up your appliances and equipment.

However, before you purchase, make it a point to consider power you need and the investment you make.

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