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Everything Your Designer Will Need Before Building a Website


With the digital advancements we have today, building a website is a much simpler task than it used to be. That being said, there are many website building elements that can only be achieved by a professional web development team. It may seem as easy as choosing a template, purchasing a domain, signing up for the web hosting, and uploading content, but unfortunately the are is a lot more to designing and building a professional website.

Everything Your Designer Will Need Before Building a Website

The Essentials for Your Website Development

Without a professional web designer, it can be challenging to develop a website that is not only visually appealing to your visitors but also provides value. But before you hire a web design company, let’s learn about some important things any web designer will need to create your website.

1. Company Information

The first and perhaps most vital thing your web designer will need is information about your company. To ensure the all the necessary and correct business information is displayed on your website, the web designers will need all the general information about your business. This includes your official business name, primary phone number, company email address, your company operating hours and a list of the services you provide.

It is also important that you provide the web designers with some information about your company’s ethos, to ensure they can develop a website that accurately reflects your company and its culture.

2. Domain Name

When you use a company’s URL to search for their website, you are using the websites domain name to gain access to that company’s website easily. To simplify it further, a websites domain name is used in the URL of the website to link it to particular webpages. You can opt to use a free domain name (especially if you are using wordpress.com to create a website). However, professionals recommend a custom domain so that it is easier for your customers to find you in the crowded marketplace.

There are thousands of companies selling customized domain names at decent rates, for example, godaddy.com. Pick a domain that defines your brand and the services you specialize in.

3. Design Requirements

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of developing a new website for your company is the design process. Often web design companies will allow you to be as involved in the creative process as you like, however they will need some specific details to set the overall tone for the websites design. The main two design elements that will be required by the web designers are your logo and business colours, which are important to maintain consistency across all your company’s branding. You can also feel free to research the websites of competitors in your field to see which design elements you like and which you don’t. This will help give the web designer an idea of want type of format and design you are looking for.

4. A Website Host

Web hosting servers take your website to the online world. Once you have chosen a domain, it is time to make your website run live on the internet. Web hosting is an essential part of website designing process since there is no use of a website that is not available on the search engines.

There are multiple web hosting plans you can choose from. However, SEO Company often recommends the shared hosting services as they are affordable and involve easy maintenance.

5. A PayPal Account

If you are creating an eCommerce platform where you’ll be selling products or accepting donations, you need the third-party payment gateways to receive money. PayPal is the most popular International payment gateways for eCommerce platforms. You can choose other payment gateways as well, depending on your audience and their location. Set up your PayPal account. It is simple; you only need to provide your business email address and the payment info.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the free tool that Google offers to the webmasters. This is super important for any website as it provides the website owner insight into their website performance. How many visitors did your website receive? Where your audience is based? Where your audience found your website? Which posts receive maximum traffic? Which pages need improvement? What’s your website’s bounce rate? These are some common questions that Google Analytics can answer for you. You can use these insights to improve your performance on the search engines.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t purchased a domain and web hosting yet, hire a web design company and start building your brand and digital presence today!


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