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Garage Door Maintenance Procedure: All You Need To


The number of times you move this door in a day also requires you to take good care of it. With rough usage, you can have it completely ruined within months. However, if maintained properly, your garage door will remain functional for decades to come. To keep your garage door in good working order, you just have to take regular preventive care and avoid having multiple repairs due to rough usage.

Garage Door Maintenance Procedure

It would be even better if you take a detailed inspection of the door at least twice a year. There are some convenient steps of routine that you can follow and if you want to add more convenience, you can hire a good garage doors maintenance provider.

If there is too much wear and tear with zero inspection, you are compromising on the longevity of the door. In the regular maintenance routine of your garage doors, you must tune up your garage door in a way that you get the longest life out of this door. Follow these steps in your regular door maintenance procedure.

• Remove The Debris From Tracks

When you are inspecting your garage door for maintenance, make sure that both the tracks on the sides of the door are free of debris. They get rusted over time, so you just need to remove the rust, otherwise, it will eat the metal. If there are minor track adjustments needed, you can do the job on your own, however, for lengthy tasks you are supposed to consult a garage door repair.

• Tighten Up The Hardware

The next step is taking care of the hardware because it often gets loose with lots of up and down movement daily. As the garage is your first entry point in your building, therefore you can expect a regular garage door to move up and down hundreds of times in a day. The more motion and vibration results in loosening of the hardware. However, if keep an eye on it, you can tighten it as soon as you find loose bolts in your door.

• Replace Cracked Rollers

During your inspection, if you find the rollers of the gate are broken or cracked, you must immediately replace them. You must inspect the condition of the rollers at least twice a year because they require replacement as soon as they get chipped or cracked. Replacing the rollers of your garage door is quite easy. All you have to do is just remove the brackets holding the door and replace the rollers easily.

• Lubricate The Moving or Rusted Parts

Lubrication is important. By keeping your garage door parts oiled and well lubricated will add years of trouble-free action to your garage door working, and it only takes 10 minutes to lubricate the moving parts of your door. This grease is easily available in the markets or you can also get from your garage door specialist.

• Check All The Cables & Pulleys

The lift cables are usually attached to the bottom rollers. Whenever you are inspecting the condition of the door, do not forget to check the lift cables of the rollers. Most door experts are of the view that homeowners must not touch the cables and pulleys themselves because it can be dangerous for them. Just look for the wear and tear, if you find any, give a call to garage door repair expert.

• Inspect The Weather-stripping

As soon the weather-strip is brittle or cracked, go for the replacement. This is usually made of rubber and it is attached to the bottom of the door. Remember when you are going out to buy a new strip for your door, just measure the previous one so that you can buy the exact size.

• Test The Balance Of The Door

When the balance is not proper, it makes your garage door opener to work harder. As a result, the opener of the door soon loses its functionality and you have to call a repair expert for garage door opener Stockton CA. Your door should be balanced in a way that you would need only a few ounces of force and it get lifts. If the door does not remain in place when you release handle on the automatic opener, it means there is an issue of balancing.

Final Thoughts!

In addition to taking all these garage door maintenance steps, all make sure that your garage is clean. It must not get dusty because dust eats away things. Also, keep on updating the paint of the door so that it always looks new and fresh.


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