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Go Green And Save Money With A New Septic System


If you own your home, have you updated your residential septic system? Your old septic tank and leach field could be wasting your money and polluting the environment. But installing a new system is easier than you might think!

Go Green And Save Money With A New Septic System

Modern septic systems today can be designed to fit every home, property, and budget. To learn more, you can always talk to a local septic installation expert about the best options for your home.

Here’s why you should take a second look at your residential septic system design.

Stop The Pollution

Especially if you live in a rural area, it’s so important to make sure your septic isn’t polluting the soil and groundwater around your home.

To reduce the risk of pollution, have a soil percolation test done on your property. The percolation test will tell you if it’s safe to install a leach field on your property without risking groundwater pollution.

If your soil percolates (drains) too quickly, you might want to consider a more eco-friendly alternative, like a Sand Mound or Aerobic Septic System. Those new green septic systems are super affordable, quick to install, and will last for years without repairs.

Save Money On Maintenance

Some new systems are a little more expensive than others – but the higher price might pay off in the long run.

For example, a traditional septic tank can be prone to leaks and overflow, while a modern tank, which comes at a higher cost, will guarantee years of little to no maintenance.

Talk to a residential septic company about balancing your budget with your long-term goals, to make sure you’re getting the best system for your home.

Want to learn more? Just call your local septic company and schedule a consultation!

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