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How a Sugar Land Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Pedestrian Accident?


As the largest city in Fort Bend, Sugar Land is one of Texas’s fastest-growing and most affluent regions. With an estimated population of around 118,488, it is ranked number 7 among the safest Texan cities to live in.

In the US alone, sixteen people lose their lives every day on average in pedestrian accidents, including many in Sugar Land. The injuries and damage of such accidents can be life-threatening. While thousands are killed every year, many more receive permanent body injuries.

How a Sugar Land Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Pedestrian Accident?

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Sugar Land, you have a valid personal injury claim. Filing and winning this claim becomes more manageable with the help of a Sugar Land personal injury lawyer.

Even if you were not using the crosswalk during the accident, you could seek help from a skilled attorney to pursue compensation. Here you will come to how a personal injury lawyer can help at the time of a pedestrian accident.

Help in Determining Fault

Were you running or jaywalking on the road? Were you distracted, looking down at your phone while crossing the road? Were you not using a crosswalk? As a pedestrian, you are responsible for paying adequate attention while walking on the road. If you are more than 50% responsible for the accident, you may be denied compensation outright.

However, if the vehicle’s driver was speeding, did not stop, made a wrong turn, or was not driving responsibly, you are entitled to claim and get compensation. But how will you prove things without evidence? That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer. Using medical exams, testimony, and evidence, a lawyer can determine fault and ensure compensation.

Help in Determining Damages

It is easy to determine monetary amounts like lost wages and past medical expenses. If you got injured in a pedestrian accident in Sugar Land, you could ask for compensation from the driver’s insurer. But how would you put price tags on things like suffering and pain?

Often, insurers try to offer a low payout to the victims far less than the pain and agony they had to undergo. With expensive knowledge of the court system and Texas personal injury law, a Sugar Land personal injury lawyer can calculate how much compensation you deserve and fight for it in full.

Mediating for Insurers

As mentioned above, insurers try to offer minimum possible compensation to the victims. But at the same time, most of them want to avoid court proceedings as well. If the insurance company calls you to discuss the factors and settle the case out of court, take a lawyer with you who will save you from being lied to or cheated. They know what to say and what not to maximize your compensation.

Deciding the Next Move

If the insurer offers you a settlement, but you are not satisfied with it, the lawyer will help you decide what to do next and whether it is worth it.

Have you been injured in a pedestrian accident in Sugar Land recently? Don’t let the insurer get away with an unfair settlement. Take the help of a trusted personal injury lawyer who can improve your chances of getting compensation worth your lost wages, medical bills, physical pain, mental agony, and other damages.

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