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How Custom Tote Bags Help to Promote Your Business?


Advertising is imperative for any business to sustain and succeed in the long run. For that reason, every business, calls for a solid marketing strategy to make their brand a household name.

While marketing is an indispensable part for any business, the start-ups hardly have a lot of budget for the same. So, they are always on the lookout for affordable yet effective ways of business promotion and the personalised products like customised tote bags are the best way to do that.

How Custom Tote Bags Help to Promote Your Business

Here are some of the major ways in which promotional tote bags can help in promoting your business. Just take a look:

• Useful and Functional – One of the best things about the customised tote bags is that it is guaranteed that your customers are going to use them. The tote bags are great for library visits, grocery shopping and walking the farmer’s market. So unlike some promotional items that are often thrown out after a few days, the customised tote bags often offer some real use.

• Great Substitute for Paper and Plastic Bags – This is said to be the most natural fit. The customers can use these bags at the time of shopping as said earlier. But if yours is a brick-and-mortar shop, then instead of the plastic or paper bags for customer purchase, you can also hand out totes. Among the environmentally conscious communities, the plastic bags are often banned. There customised tote bags are a welcome change of promotion. This also helps retailers to abide by the local ban on bags. As an incentive to use them, businesses can also provide discounts for using these totes bags.

• Very Affordable Cost – Both the digital and traditional ads run for a fixed period. You have to pay ongoing costs for keeping the campaigns on. The promotional products like the tote bags cost just around 7 cents per impression which is much less compared with the newspaper advertising. The upfront cost of the promotional items is a one-time expenditure. And even if you distribute them as freebies, the value of the investment enhances the longer your products are in use.

• Draw Attention at Trade Shows – The tote bags are ideal to draw attention at the trade shows. As you handout your tote bags to the passers-by, more people begin to take note of your company and your logo. This can lead to curiosity and it can make other people visit your booth as well. Though some may come just for the freebie initially, this also gives you an opportunity to engage with them. And even if not a single person makes a purchase from your booth, the moment they step out with the tote bag, it will give your brand a lot of exposure. So it brings in new business even without realising.

• High Retention Value – The customised tote bags combine a trio of marketable traits as they are functional, visual and portable. They solve an everyday issue for the consumers and they also help your company gain lots of exposure. The consumers can hold the promotional totes for upto 7 months. In fact, statistics, show that people do not usually throw out useful promo items like these even if they don’t like them personally. Gifting tote bags is great as it helps in enhancing the exposure of your brand.

• Enhance Brand Recall – There is no doubt that prospects are more likely to memorize the extraordinary campaigns. With the customised tote bags, your receivers are able to remember the brand for as long as they can use and reuse the branded totes. They are not simple souvenirs but are very powerful branding tools. So you should start using them for the social media campaigns, trade shows or events. They are pocket-friendly advertising tools that are bound to be successful.

The above are some of the ways in which the promotional tote bags help in promoting your business without calling for a huge investment on your part. You can give them away as freebies in trade shows, at your counters and even as corporate gifts, employee welcome package and so on. They are affordable, durable and reusable as a result of which they help in building a solid brand for your business.


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