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How Getting A Massage For Depression Can Help You?


Life can take unexpected turns, and there are also some sad days. We have some innate coping abilities that help us against negative and depressive feelings. Although nobody can stay happy all the time, people with depression have these feelings quite persistently and severely. Depression makes their day sluggish, interrupts their daily activities, triggers sleep disturbance, mood swings, appetite change, and lowers their energy levels. It is now established that psychotherapy coupled with massage therapy shows promising results. The relaxation benefits of massage can significantly reduce the symptoms of clinical depression. This article will highlight all the essential benefits of massage therapy against depression.

How Getting A Massage For Depression Can Help You

Benefits Of Massage Against Depression

You may have a lot of responsibilities in your life. But if you are struggling with depression, it becomes difficult for you to fulfill your duties. People seek massage therapy in Calgary because they want to let go of negative thoughts in their minds. You can easily find a massage center in your city. Massage therapy reduces tension in your muscles and helps you against the physical and psychological symptoms of depression. Massage therapists relax and lengthen your tight muscles by utilizing their hands. In addition, massage can immediately release happy hormones that work against the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits of massage against depression:

Release of happy hormones

An increase in the endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin is an essential benefit achieved through massage therapy. These chemicals are positive hormones that circulate in your body. Endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin promote a sense of wellbeing in a person. In addition, these hormones work as a natural shield against negative thoughts. Through various techniques used in massage, positive hormones are released in excess, which helps elevates the person’s mood immediately. Massage also promotes blood circulation in our vital organs, and it directly impacts your brain’s activity.

Reduced psychological symptoms of depression

Some of the psychological symptoms of depression include sadness, hopelessness and helplessness, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms also include little to no motivation, having little interest in things and constantly feeling guilt-ridden. Several scientific studies link these symptoms with a negative hormone called cortisol which is also known to cause stress and anxiety. People suffering from depression have this hormone in excess. A calm, therapeutic massage can suppress cortisol hormone and thus, directly leads to a significant reduction in psychological symptoms of depression.

Reduced physical symptoms of depression

Physical symptoms are common in people suffering from depression. In fact, pain and vague aches in various parts of bodies are presenting symptoms of depression. These symptoms include:

  • Limb and back pain
  • Chronic pain in joints
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Tiredness
  • Changes in psychomotor activity

Therapeutic massage relieves pain through several mechanisms, including relaxation of tendons, painful muscles, and joints. In addition, it aids in closing the pain gate through the stimulation of nerve fibres. It also results in inhibition of pain messages to and from the brain.

Better anger management

Anger is a natural response against a perceived threat. However, uncontrolled anger can disturb your personal and social life. Negative emotions like anger can cause muscle tension and pain. Uncontrolled anger can trigger fatigue and tiredness in your body that can lead to detrimental health issues. Massage therapy allows your brain to deal with these negative emotions more efficiently. When lying on the massage table, you will slowly release the stress and tensions of the day. It will help you in dealing with tangled emotions on a subconscious level. Massage therapy enables you to manage emotions through a continued therapeutic and soothing touch or by having a moment for yourself. It promotes calmness in your mind. As a result, you can expect an immediate reduction in anger and frustration.

Improved general wellbeing

The term wellbeing is covered the mental, physical and emotional integrity of a person. It is the state of having positive emotions, a better sense of self and optimal control over your life. It’s a sustainable and consistent condition that allows people to thrive and develop. Massage therapy is known to induce a relaxation response, which helps in better regulation of blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and immune system. A massage comprising of long flowing strokes, soft pounding, and manipulation of muscle tissues promotes blood circulation in your vital organs. You will feel comfortable pressure on your tense structures, and it is an effective way of relaxing your body, mind, and soul.


If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you should try massage therapy. It can effectively create a sense of relaxation, relief, empowerment, and a mind-body connection. Regularly visit massage places in Calgary or wherever you live to ensure its long-term impacts against clinical depression.


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