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How Harvard Has Disappointed Students


Several students belonging to middle family and poor backgrounds think that Harvard has upset them, and it has been a cause for their failure.

How Harvard Has Disappointed Students

Due to coronavirus pandemic, many universities across the world have announced new policies to restore their educational activities either via online classes or campus-based classes with strict safety measures. So, Harvard has announced new plans, but students do not feel these policies are made keeping them in view as most of them deny these steps solidly made by Harvard. Harvard has taken more robust measures to ensure the online classes for all students, but due to rising tension, it would be challenging to restore campus-based education.

Harvard Without a campus and students’ reactions

One of the maths students Dumebi Adigwe studying at Harvard University has concerns over her future living place while still studying at university. It was shocking news for most of the students that Harvard had made clear the permission of keeping only 40% of students on the campus. Meanwhile, 6800 students of undergraduate were studying at the university in total. Also, many of them were fresh students of a new semester, and Harvard has announced online plans for restoring education for them.

Another teenager Adigwe got admission in the university on scholarship bases and was first to get admitted to the university. Moreover, she left her house and remained at a friend house before getting admitted to Harvard. Now she is living at a friend home again and has positive thoughts about the reopening of Harvard for its students, but it seems not possible due to current changes in Harvard policies. She said sadly that she had no options now to go back as the school was the only option left for her.

What kind of students has suffered the most from new policy?

Unfortunately, this year virus pandemic has brought many misdeeds for all students, especially for students having a low-income family background. Those students have faced many disturbances like their education has been stopped, and their efforts of years seemed going disrupted due to ongoing situations.

Harvard offered an enjoyable eco-friendly environment for students to develop communities with maximum possible relationships between students and tutors. The life on Harvard was lively due to the societal form of living and students has the most amazing and better experiences while living at the campus and studying together. Moreover, the Harvard campus explored many new chances for students to lift themselves. But due to COVID-19 this experience is going to be missed and now study will be limited to only online classes and screens of digital devices which may have many issues initially and may take time to resolve and restore the smooth flow of lectures for students. Cheap assignment writing service is also offering online cheap essay help UK service to the students of UK to get instant help in this pandemic

Other universities which are reopening

Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and other colleges and universities have declared that they are going to restore their activities for study from the end of July. Many of these have adopted online classes strategy to ensure education for students while staying at their homes as Harvard has formulated. But the good news for most f students is that about 60 % of universities and colleges are hoping to open their campuses for returning of students for classes as announced by the board of higher education.

Harvard processing of learning

The processing of education adopted by Harvard there will be same tuition fees for all students and Harvard had not made any fees reductions due to pandemic. The most crucial point is that Harvard will permit only those students to study at their campus I the fall later this year who cannot attend online classes at their homes and are unable to perceive education while staying at their homes. According to officials at Harvard, the students upgrading system will be more transparent and straightforward as compared to earlier methods. Students will be handled form on which they will be asked about various difficulties they are facing while staying at home to learn things such as lack of computer devices, food deficiency and many other issues which students experience as a barricade to online learning.

However, the main focus of Harvard is on restricting the number of students returning to campus in the fall. It might create many more difficulties for poor students who are already fed up of their lives and ongoing circumstances.

Student’s criticism for reduction in allowance

Students acknowledge the difficulties in allowing all students altogether back at the campus. Still, through many interviews, they have expressed their disappointments about the plans of Harvard limited reopening, which may cut down the rights of most students. Besides, Harvard has announced that it will impart a scholarship or aid of 5000$ to students who are facing financial issues and who are not living t their campus. So, it is the most frustrating plan and strategy adopted by the Harvard as according to many students who are criticizing it for making such plans.

The allowance Harvard offering

The allowance of 5000$ is minim and not sufficient for students who are not living at campus and living at other accommodations. The compensation is much less than the money anyone could earn while working as the lowest job salary. Previous year one-semester allowance was 9000 $ but this year is much lower than it, and students are undoubtedly depressed due to such reduction in compensation for each semester. The spokesperson of Harvard has said that the authority has perceived all the criticism of students, and they are helpless as it’s not university own fault and university respect the thought of each student. Moreover, he assured that our team is trying to make students satisfied by asking them their issues and resolving these providing tangible solutions. He said that we are trying to engage students with us through our team of active staff members.

A junior star Hana Kiros has proposed that the amount of 5000$ is not much up to expectations of ordinary students who are facing accommodation issues and struggling to study. How could be it more helpful for a student coming from a poor family background? It is impossible, but there should be more than that for sure.


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