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How to Clean Your Room Quickly Without Much Effort?


Cleaning the room is not difficult if you adopt a habit of maintaining it. However, a dirty place can be hazardous for those who clean it after months. Often people ask how to clean your room without taking much time. Nonetheless, you can do the honors by following a few steps discussed below.

How to Clean Your Room Quickly Without Much Effort

A tidy room does not limit to a good appearance. It contributes to your overall hygiene and helps you to breath in the fresh air. Many people are fond of using online coupon codes for home d├ęcor accessories. Unfortunately, an untidy room will not highlight the costly wallpaper and decorative masterpieces. Therefore, learn how to clean your room and manage its condition.

How to Clean Your Room?

There are three necessary stages of room maintenance. If you follow up with every step, you can quickly learn how to clean your room and renovate it without much effort. Start with the first stage and proceed accordingly.

Make sure to turn on your favorite music for entertainment. It will make the cleaning process less tiring and help you feel better.

Remove the Clutter

  • Firstly, flip the windows and curtains open. Removing the blinds will help you in breathing and eliminate the unpleasant smell from the room. Also, if the climate around is soothing, you can enjoy the cool breeze. The fan may be covered in dust; therefore, clean it before turning on.
  • Bring a couple of trash bags with you and start gathering the trash in your room. Collect tissues, papers, wrappers, food plastic, and any clothing tags. Remove any essential receipts, cards, and notes. Empty the wastebasket and wrap a new bag into the bin.
  • Focus on the scattered clothing in different corners of the room. Gather dirty clothes in a basket and keep them for laundry. Pick up the clean dresses and arrange them back in your wardrobe. Hang the neat ones in your closet if you are not running short of time; otherwise, put them in a separate basket for later.
  • Put back the stuff to its original place. Start with electronics and move on to papers, books, toys, and more. Remove all such things from the dresser, table, bed, and corners of your room. Also, track any anonymous objects in your place and transfer them back to their owners.

Cleaning the Room

  • Start dusting off the upper surfaces of your room and get rid of dirt quickly. Hold a duster or find a rug to clean every corner. Remove dust from objects like curtains, lights, shelves, dresser, and tables. Also, use a wet cloth to wipe away any stains.
  • Look around all the glass surfaces of your room. Wipe down the windows, mirrors, and tabletops with cleaning fluids. Spray any dirty and grimy areas in the room and disinfect them for maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Vacuum your room now for making every corner clean. This method is helpful for a carpeted and a bare floor room both. Therefore, you can adjust the setting of your vacuum and clean all the areas. Make sure to focus on the apparent areas rather than hidden corners.
  • Before winding up, swipe the vacuum across your mattress as all the dust would have gotten in it. You can remove the bedsheet and clean appropriately if you want. Also, remove dirt from the pillows and settle back.

Organizing the Bed

  • Take a new sheet from the closet and spread it around your mattress. Tuck on one of the corners and move diagonally to the other corner. Repeat the same process with the leftover corners and smooth the sheet. Cover with the top layer and prefer making a hospital bed.
  • Put on any blanket or coverlet as per your choice and the weather. You can either tuck it or let it hand on either side of the mattress. Fold the blanket for making sure there is room for settling the pillows.
  • Place fresh covers on the pillows and keep them on the headboard side. You can also add decorative cushions for a better look if you like. Consider adding fresh flowers on the side tables if you want.

Wrap Up

This way, you can learn how to clean your room and keep it tidy without much effort. Follow the steps carefully to enjoy a fresh and soothing place.


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