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How To Create Compelling Content for Life Sciences


With content marketing being one of the most efficient ways businesses can reach their target audience, and grow their online presence, knowing how to generate a steady stream of strong content is essential.

When it comes to the life sciences and biotech fields, captivating content is not only a means for companies to attract and engage customers and to market their products, but also an opportunity to provide value and educate their audience. So if you’re trying to promote your business and get people to engage with your brand, but you’re feeling a bit stuck on how to make this happen, here are 5 strategies that life sciences can use to create a compelling content.

How To Create Compelling Content for Life Sciences

Animated Videos

As technology evolved and the Internet is now a strong presence in our lives, video production became an essential component in the marketing strategy of most businesses. For biotech and life science brands scientific animated videos are more than just a way to get customers excited about their products, they are a method to explain themselves and their business.

Are you a marketer trying to help customers understand complicated concepts?

Short animated videos will help you engage viewers early on and understand the value you provide.

Interactive Webinars

Webinars are an important interactive online tool which life sciences can successfully use for increased learning, shorter meetings with greater participation, and on-going collaborations.

With most of the meetings, training programs and workshops moving online due to social distancing restrictions caused by COVID-19, interactive biotech webinars are the virtual meetings all companies need to keep in contact with their audience.


A life science eBook allows you to educate your audience, articulate your solutions and showcase your expertise in an interactive, and thorough way. Because of their length, format, and visual elements, eBooks are the type of content marketing extremely suited for biotech and life science audiences, and can be more compelling than other pieces of written content.


Infographics are visual representations of information, that convey complex messages as simply, as clearly and as quickly as possible. A great resource to offer to your audience, infographics are not easy to create but are worth the challenge as they help build trust and authority, and demonstrate industry knowledge.

Among the different types of infographics one can use, animated infographics usually have the most impact, and are particularly engaging if you want to grab attention or enhance online articles and tutorials. On top of that, animated infographics are also the most shared on social media platforms, generating significant exposure and often becoming viral.

Case Studies

A case study is generally used in exploratory research for generating an in-depth understanding of a complex issue in its real-life context.

In such sensitive fields like life sciences and biopharma, most customers look for proof and assurance before engaging with your products or services.

Engaging due to their results and success oriented nature, case studies are an important way of illustrating theories and can help showcase how different aspects from a person’s life are related to each other.

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