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How To Determine The Best Heat Shrink Wraps For Your Business


A shrink wrap is the name given to material made using the polymer plastic film. It is called as a heat shrink wrap since it shrinks tightly to cover anything upon application of heat. After sealing, the items covered are no longer vulnerable to moisture, dirt or dust. PVC heat shrink wraps are useful for industrial packaging and small volume gifts.

How to determine the best heat shrink wraps for your business

Materials used to make heat shrink wraps

As a packager, if you are looking to buy heat shrink wrap, you would need to choose one of the following materials for it:

  1. PVC
  2. Polyethylene
  3. Polypropylene
  4. Polyolefin

Amongst the above, polyolefin and PVC are commonly seen in the retail packaging industry, while polypropylene and polyethylene are meant for heavy shrink wrapping applications.

Here is how to use shrink wraps

You can make use of heat shrink wraps in the following ways:

1) Industrial shrink wrap: It is made using thick polyethylene and heat is applied to it using a propane gun. This is suitable for wrapping and enclosing pallets of goods, winterizing boats and for wrapping large objects to protect them from harsh weather.

2) Wire shrink tubing: If electrical wires have to be secured and protected together, they need to be packed in this wrap. The tube is shrunk tightly with the help of a butane heat gun.

3) Shrink wrap packaging: These are available of the following types:

A) Neck banding: This is for bottles to protect them from being tampered. It is usually made from PVC.

B) Retail shrink wraps: Commonly made using PVC or Polyolefin, they can fully enclose wrapped products. They are suitable for high output operations. Not only are products protected from the environment, but one can also get clear views of them.

C) Shrink sleeves: These appear like neck tubing and are meant for the purpose of branding. Heat from steam may be required for shrink the sleeve surrounding the bottle.

D) Shrink bundling film: It is primarily used for soda and water packaging purposes. This lay-flat film is commonly constructed from polyethylene.

Differentiate between the shrink wrap materials

PVC Polyolefin Polyethylene
Most common shrink material in the world


Premium quality wrap made from 100% recyclable materials Available in multiple forms and suited for various industrial applications
Very high resistance to tear Very high resistance to punctures and high tensile strength Great durability and strength for heavy items
Not suitable for bundling items together because of its brittle nature Most suitable for food contact as per FDA since it is unaffected by changes in temperature They have very high thicknesses, due to which they can be even used to wrap boats
Harmful odors released during heating and sealing Does not release harmful odors Does not come with a high shrink rate, and has lower clarity than others


The purpose of a shrink wrap is to package and protect a particular product, such as CDs or toys. At the same time, you may also put in multiple products at the same time. If boxes and products have to be put together on a pallet for the purpose of transportation, it becomes necessary to make use of a stretch wrap. While the wraps are being used, it may be necessary to make use of a heating instrument in order to shrink the film.

What is a stretch wrap?

This is the name given to an easily stretchable film made using LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) that can be wrapped around items. Products remain tightly bound to each other due to elastic recovery. If products have to be wrapped to pellets and secured, it is done by using stretch film.

Stretch wrap Vs. Shrink wrap

The stretch wrap is wrapped around in such a way that it can be stretched, allowing elasticity to hold the package together. On the other hand, products are loosely covered by the shrink wrap, which simply shrinks on the application of heat.

Advantages of stretch wraps

1) Highly adaptable: They come with various films to suit every application, and they are also equally suited to a variety of surfaces.

2) Highly protective: They protect enclosed products from moisture and dust, and also come with UV film options for protection from the sun.

3) Cost effective: They are cheaper than other kinds of pallet wrapping available in the market. The equipment needed for stretch wrapping is also less expensive than other kinds of wrapping equipment.

Carefully check heat shrink wraps before choosing them

All heat shrink wraps can now be purchased online. However, you must be sure of the quality of machines, wraps and films sent by a particular company before buying them. You must always remember that these are long term investments and they can easily make or break your business. If you are unsure of product quality, do not hesitate to find out more on relevant websites.

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