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How to Find Inspiration in Nature


American philosopher and poet, Henry David Thoreau, found much solace, beauty, and inspiration in nature. He once said this: “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than I am.” There is so much to explore in the world when you get away from walls, roads, buildings, and street signs and discover the peacefulness and wonderment of nature. It helps you to reflect and view the world from a different perspective. It is easy to feel bogged down when we spend so much time inside, staring at screens and artificial lights. The importance of natural light and fresh air is crucial. Here are some amazing ways to find inspiration in nature.

How to Find Inspiration in Nature

Take A Hike

Get away from the computer screen and any other kind of tech device, and head outdoors for a walk. In fact, take a hike in nature because studies show that it not only expands your creativity, but it also keeps your mental state in balance.

For example, research was conducted by MIND, a mental health organization, in which participants were assigned to take a walk in a shopping mall or a walk in nature.

The results showed that 71 percent of participants who sought comfort in the woods were able to reduce their symptoms of depression.

Twenty-two percent of those participants walking in a shopping mall, however, became even more depressed following their stroll. It is easy to get outside for a walk if you live in a neighborhood, or even a city will do. Just get outside into the natural light and fresh air and start walking. If you have access to a hiking trail, you may consider going there as often as you can as well to get even closer to nature and maybe even see some furry friends and brighten your day.

Sleep Under The Stars

Plan a trip to the ideal campsite to get away, and relax being surrounded by the serenity of nature. Sleeping under the stars or chilling out in a comfy RV are excellent ways to kick back, contemplate life, and see the richness the world has to offer.

Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the watercolor-beauty of the landscape around you is all about camping in California.

With today’s uncertainties happening around the globe, you can bet that nature always gets it right and offers balance and clear thinking to those who appreciate it.

Boost Artistic Vision

Whether you like to write, perform as a dancer, or paint as an artist, for instance, being out in nature can help you enhance your creative spirit.

For those who put brush to canvas, there are many stunning shapes, textures, and colors that nature delivers to boost artistic perspective.

The same can be said for writers or performers. When you are outside among the trees, sky, earth, and warmth of the sun, time seems to stand still. Ideas will come at their own pace and lead to greater self-expression, thought, and energy.

Decorate Your Interior

By being out in nature and taking in all the variety it has to offer, many people like to draw from that organic inspiration when it comes to decorating their home or office interior.

Surely, we can all obtain inspiration online to get our ideas for making our interior spaces personal and pretty, but actually being outside and breathing in the air and using our senses to appreciate nature’s bounty is a far better method.

For many of us, we seem tethered to our laptops, smartphones, and other high-tech devices and usually look for all of life’s answers online.

Offline inspiration can lead to better-decorating ideas. You can choose from geography or landscape or maybe look at weather and how its powerful essence affects our moods, etc.

You could combine organic aspects of nature and use them in your home such as featuring interesting wood pieces, rocks, and other items to define your style.

Snap Some Photographs

The next time you take a hike or sit around aspects of nature, have a camera ready or your smartphone to take pictures that move you. It could be a beautiful blue jay perched on a tree limb, the sun rising at the clear blue ocean, or perhaps, a stunning waterfall on the western slope of a mountain.

By capturing these incredible photos of real-life images, you can use them now or later for inspiration in a number of ways.

Try studying your photos up close, from far away, upside down, or from an entirely different angle. You may discover something new.

We all lead busy lives and routines in a very challenging world today. We all need to get away whether it’s here or there or in between. Getting outside and exploring nature is highly inspirational. There‚Äôs beauty in nature that can inspire almost anyone. Whether you are going to a far off forest, a vast and dry desert, or even just your own backyard, there is an inspiration to be found all around you. Why not give it a try yourself!


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