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How to Find Quality Health Supplements Within Your Budget


If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you know a great deal of time and dedication go into staying on top of things. Working out and eating right require a lot of research, effort and willpower. It can also become rather expensive. Adding supplements and vitamins to your routine increases the costs. The investment is worthwhile, but there are ways to find quality supplements within your budget and at an affordable price. Follow these tips to start saving money today.

How to Find Quality Health Supplements Within Your Budget

Consider a Multivitamin

One way to get a lot of bang for your buck is to lay a strong foundation with a multivitamin. This one supplement can help to meet a lot of your nutritional needs. You get a lot of value in just one type of supplement. Investing in a good multivitamin allows you to focus any other spending on addressing very specific issues. Not only will a multivitamin save you money, it’s a lot easier to take just one pill instead of several, not to mention how much less you’ll have to pack when traveling.

Buy Generic

When choosing supplements, you’ll almost always save money with generics. Check the ingredients to be sure they are the same and are equivalent in measurement. Also, it’s wise to take time to research the particular brand of interest. Look for reviews. Read up on manufacturing and processing procedures. If everything seems to be similar, give the generic a go. It could save you a substantial amount of money over time, while offering the same benefits as the better-known name brand.

Look for Combinations

Some vitamin supplements are commonly sold in combination form. For example, cal-mag is popular shorthand for calcium and magnesium. It’s a great combination for bone health. You’ll save money by buying a combo supplement over purchasing them individually. You might even look for combinations that can offer a bonus to your initial need. It’s possible to get more for your money and your health in this manner.

Get Them in Bulk

You can often save money when you buy supplements in bulk. Try looking for a three-month supply of your favorite supplement instead of purchasing just one month at a time. If you can afford the larger upfront cost, you’ll likely find you receive a much better value per dose. That money can definitely add up over time and is usually worth the upfront investment.

Shop Online

You can typically find a reputable supplement store online that can save you a great deal over buying at a retail brick and mortar shop. Plus, it’s so convenient just to place your order through a website, then wait for your package to arrive. This saves you a trip to the store when things are already so busy in your life. Take time to compare prices and look at reviews to be sure you’re buying from a quality source. You may even be able to locate coupons, promo codes or free shipping deals to save you even more money when you buy supplements online. Lots of online retailers have loyalty membership clubs that provide additional savings as well.

Split Them

Another creative way to get more for your money is to choose higher potency supplements in tablet form and then break them in half. A simple tool known as a “tablet splitter” lets you easily cut a tablet into equal parts. A bit of math will tell you the correct dosage you need. Just double the dose of the pills you normally buy. Splitting pills takes a bit of upfront effort, but it’s not difficult and will save you money over the long term.

Check with Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor to be sure you’re buying the best supplements for you. It’s possible you may not even need to invest money into the vitamins you think you need. Your physician knows your unique medical history. They have your lab tests and blood work, so they’re aware of your particular nutritional and health needs. Your doctor can also provide dosage recommendations based on your age, gender and specific medical conditions.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for quality supplements within your budget. Taking time to research, shop around and ask questions can save you a great deal of money.

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