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How to Find the Right Landscaping Service


Whether you just bought a home or your looking to do some major renovations on your landscape, you want it to look a certain way. That being said, you may want to consider hiring a landscaping service to help you out. Landscaping professionals maintain residential and commercial exteriors, bringing grandeur and appeal to the property. The professionals create a refreshing, unique space using lawn and garden aspects such as plants, flowers and added hardscapes. However, only with the right landscaping professional will you achieve the landscape that catches your eyes and stands out from the rest of the homes or buildings in the area. The question, however, remains, how can you find the best landscaper in the area when it’s time for service?

How to Find the Right Landscaping Service

1- Dedication

Anyone can pull weeds or plant a flower. Choose landscaping professionals who bring the expertise to design an immaculate backdrop for your property. Ensure they’re capable of handling the specific services that you need and have a great portfolio of their prior work readily available for viewing. A great landscaping company has credentials and certifications and always shows an interest in your work. They’ll go the extra mile to complete your job to perfection. Spotting a dedicated landscaper isn’t difficult after a bit of research. Keep your eyes peeled for a landscaper who happily creates the perfect exterior at your property!

2- Experience

Experienced landscapers bring secrets to the job that newbies lack. According to Cutting Edge Services, a company that provides landscaping services in Vancouver, WA, you want to find someone that can provide offer you quality, care, and high-level professionalism on your landscaping job. They also bring confidence to the job, ensuring the results that you want and expect. Newcomers just getting started in the industry may lack both qualities, putting your lawn at risk of damage or subpar work. The more experience the landscaper brings to the job, the better.


It is one thing to hear about how good landscaping service is, but it is a whole other thing entirely to see it. You will want to ask for a portfolio of the work they have done in the past. You want to be able to see if that particular landscape service can style your property to your wants and needs. The style will matter. If you don’t like their portfolio, then chances are, it is not the right landscaping service for you. Most landscaping services will put pictures of previous projects up on their website, which would be a good place to start if you are in the market to hire someone.

4- Costs

Set a budget for landscaping services. Compare costs with three-four companies to find a provider whose prices accommodate your budget. Worthwhile landscaping professionals offer quality service at a great price. Don’t settle for less when quotes are free and make the comparisons process so much easier. Check out the cost of a lawn care franchise from Tree Franchise.

5- Reputation

Check online reviews and find out firsthand what customers think of the landscaping company. Many free review sites reveal information that you won’t find elsewhere. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for great information as well. Word-of-mouth is a beneficial tool for anyone searching for a great landscaper. Don’t hesitate to ask friends, family, coworkers, and others for their recommendations. You should also do your research online and look at reviews on Google, Yelp, and other local directories to get a feel of what it was like when those people worked with the landscaping service that you are looking into. You want to find someone that has all-around good ratings and positive reviews.

The bottom line is that you own your property. You want it to look a certain way, but you may not have the skills or time to do it yourself. So before you just have anyone come on to your property to redesign your landscape, you should feel comfortable and confident they can do the job in the way you would envision it should be done. Use the information above when selecting a landscaping company and finding the best provider for your commercial or residential landscaping needs is simple. Why settle for less when a bit of research puts you in touch with the perfect landscaping professionals?

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