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How to Keep Your Packages Safe this Holiday Season


The number of people shopping online for holiday gifts has skyrocketed in recent years. A study by C + R research found that almost half of the participants received at least one package every week. Unfortunately, this has led to the popularity of package stealing. Experts estimate that 23 million people have had a package stolen off of their front porch; Packages can also be lost or broken during shipment. 11 million of these were in 2019 alone. These will rise as shoppers continue to hunt for online deals. Protect your packages this holiday season with these tips.

How to Keep Your Packages Safe this Holiday Season

Install a Security System

Thieves typically aren’t very brave and often look for easy targets that will allow them to steal without getting caught. A security system may be enough to deter many thieves. Install a simple security system that has a camera aimed at your front porch or one that activates once the doorbell is rung. Motion detector lights can also be installed that may help scare off thieves who try to steal as the evening grows darker. Placing a sign in your yard with the security system’s name will alert possible thieves to the presence of the system, acting as a deterrent; this alone could be enough to stop them from grabbing a package from your porch. If the package is stolen, the footage can then be given to local police in hopes that the thief will be caught.

Rent a Parcel Locker

Many people go to great lengths to prevent packages from being left on porches where they can be easily stolen. One 2017 survey found that 53 percent of respondents reported that they had changed their plans to get a package, and 20 percent have admitted to leaving work early if a package is going to be dropped off at their home. While being at home when a package is delivered can stop it from being stolen, it isn’t a possibility for everyone. Renting a parcel locked may be a better solution. A rented parcel locker’s address is used as the place of delivery. The packages are placed into the secure parcel locker and then later picked up by you at your earliest convenience. Using this method can be expensive, but it may save you time and money over having to re-purchase holiday gifts.

Request a Proof of Collection or Receipt

Out of convenience, many delivery services no longer require that a receipt be signed or that another form of proof of collection occurs. This may be convenient for some shoppers, but it can also mean that packages could be left unattended for hours. This gives thieves plenty of time to steal an unguarded package. You can choose to request that delivery drivers get proof of collection or receipt upon delivering a package to a household. There is usually a small fee for these services but the amount is typically much lower than the cost of replacing the stolen item. Using a white glove delivery service can be especially helpful. These delivery services deliver packages using highly-secured trucks and get delivery confirmations so that packages are never left on porches unattended and are a higher level of shipment, so you can rest easy knowing your package will not be lost or broken before it even gets to your house.

Purchase a Home Storage Locker

Home storage lockers sit on front porches and are used as a secure way to hold packages until you arrive home. These lockers are typically weatherproof and lock on their own once a package is left by a driver. These packages work by allowing a package to be placed inside of the locker. The door of the locker doesn’t allow the removal of the packages, which prevents thieves from stealing your items. This tactic may seem like overkill, but it is a very safe and secure way to be sure any package that makes it to your front porch stays on your front porch.

Purchase a Package Guard

Package guards are small, electronic devices that sit on the front porch. Instruct your delivery drivers to place packages on the guard. The guard weighs the packages once they are placed on the device. If the packages are removed, the device lets out a shrill alarm, which may alert neighbors and those passing by to a problem. When you arrive home, a code can be used to de-activate the alarm and allow you to safely retrieve your packages.

Don’t let your carefully-selected gifts get stolen or lost during shipping this year. Try one of these tips to prevent porch pirates from spoiling your fun and to make sure your packages get where they are going so that you can enjoy the joy of gift-giving all season long.

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