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How to Know When to Take Your Kids to the Dentist


Are you unsure of when to take your kid to the dentist? You are not alone because many parents are not aware of the consequences of neglecting to take their kids for dental check-ups.

How to Know When to Take Your Kids to the Dentist

A visit to the doctor shouldn’t be coincidental. Experts advise that you see the dentist when the child is six months or when the first tooth erupts and maintains regular check-ups.

Here are several indications that your kid needs a dental check-up:

Tooth Pain

The first visit should mainly help the kids get used to their dentist and educating parents on the best measures to care for the children’s teeth. If your child experiences tooth pain, you better make it to that appointment because toothaches are very uncomfortable.

As a parent, you should normalize dental check-ups so that any problems can be assessed and addressed immediately. Your child shouldn’t be in any tooth pain due to the possible dangers that may come with it, especially when they are still growing. Be alert when he or she complains of a toothache.

Discolored teeth

This should be enough alarm to call for the dentist. If you notice brown or white spots on your child’s teeth, it could indicate a dental cavity. When dental caries develops, it turns the teeth brown or black in most cases. They start having broken fragments around their teeth, and it can progress if you are not careful.

Visit the dentist as soon as possible to prevent your baby from any risks. Let the kids get comfortable around their dentist when they make such visits to build trust. It also helps them to open up when they have tooth problems soon.

Gum irritation

When gums get irritated, they become very painful. In some instances, they can turn red and even cause bleeding. This irritation may be experienced when the kids are from brushing their teeth, and it’s a sign of gingivitis. Do not ignore such signs because they are the beginning of health problems. When you visit a dentist early enough, he will examine the entire dental formulae of your kid and advise accordingly.

Defective Teeth Growth

When baby teeth start to exfoliate, and adult teeth start to erupt, you should monitor their teeth’ abnormal growth. Losing the baby teeth is part of the growth process, but be careful how they appear. It is crucial to inquire from dentists if you see any abnormal growth or jaw alignment of your kid.

The best practice that can help your child such a situation is the application of Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance, FAGGA. This is a type of dental appliance that can be utilized to enhance your kid’s teeth’ arrangements to give them a better shape as they grow.

The main aim of using FAGGA is to ensure that the jaw’s upper arch is expanded to give the teeth good shape. If you want to look for dentists in your area who specialize in this, you can simply search up FAGGA in Palmdale CA, or wherever you live. Some specialists are well conversant with this practice, and you can contact them whenever you detect any abnormality on how your child’s teeth grow.

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be noticed when the child has hot or cold foods. If your child experiences this consistently, it could be a sign of acute dental pain caused by sensitivity. Consider it a warning sign, and if it’s not handled in time, it can cause a cavity. Children cannot manage such pain; hence you should make an appointment with a dentist as fast as possible.

Sensitivity can also occur within gums; it is even worse if your kid has gingivitis making it challenging to take cold or hot food. The dentist should evaluate the teeth thoroughly and check for any other signs. If it’s a problem related to adult teeth, the dentist should still intervene.

Any discomfort caused by the tooth in your kids should be addressed because they are supposed to grow normally. If you plan the dental visits and attend them with your kids, they will avoid future problems.

When visiting the dentist for the first time or going for those scheduled visits, you should ensure that all your concerns are addressed. Don’t just make an appointment for the kids whenever they show signs. Regular checks of your kid’s teeth are essential to ensure healthy growth and early treatment whenever a problem arises. The dentist should recommend measures that will help avoid these problems.

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