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How to Make Your Mobile Gaming App Stand Out


You’ve developed a mobile game, that’s great! Now you’ve got yourself into a sea of competition with hundreds and thousands of mobile gaming apps that are already listed on the App Store and Play Store. Because only a handful of apps make it to the top. It’s the tipping point for every mobile game development company where you’ve dozens of questions running in your head, including,

  • How does your mobile game reach that pedestal?
  • How would your mobile game app attract the right amount of audience?
  • How can your mobile game create the right amount of buzz and engagement?

How to Make Your Mobile Gaming App Stand Out

The answer to all those questions is App Store Optimization (ASO).

It works similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your marketing efforts rank your website on Google’s search engine ranking page (SERP) in SEO. While on ASO, your efforts are to rank your mobile app on the top of Play Store and App Store listings.

ASO is the secret to every mobile app’s success. This is because when your mobile game is ranked on the search listings, there will be a higher chance of gain traction and drive traffic to your game.

According to Tech Crunch, over 63% of iOS apps and 58% of Android apps are found through app store searches. Therefore, you have to make the most of the wondrous opportunity to make sure that your mobile game is displayed on the top of the app store searches and hopefully gets downloaded.

To gain more visibility and downloads on App Store and Play Store, ASO can help in the following ways.

Write An Impactful Game Description

Even though most people first take a glance at the visual aspects of the game. However, many go over the game description to get to know about the game.

The rule of thumb to garner the game’s potential user’s attention, you need to work on the first paragraph of the description to make a dynamic impact.

This is because, sometimes, all it takes a compelling first paragraph to get your audience to hook them up and download the game.

The best way to write an impactful opening paragraph is to succinctly the potential players about the game and how it’s played. This is the decisive factor for them to download. Then create a storyline and mention unique features to create excitement for the players.

The visual elements and a powerful description pack a perfect combo in gaining maximum downloads.

Use Relevant Keywords

Since the potential players will be discovering the game based on the search queries, they type on the app search. You need to include all the right keywords relevant to your game’s niche and high in volume.

To find the relevant keywords for the mobile game, you need to do little research. For that, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool and other paid platforms on the internet.

Always keep in mind that the main goal of making a mobile game is to get maximum traffic and downloads. ASO helps you get that.

Therefore, make any changes you have to make in order to optimize your game app to list in the top search results on the App Store and Play Store. So, change the title and description of the game if you have to, and include the keyword in the title and description just once or twice. It could certainly give an edge over your competitors.

Include A Video Trailer

Incorporating a dynamic video trailer of your mobile game will create a lasting impact on potential players. As it’s a trailer, it doesn’t have to be long, but it surely has to engage enough to create hype. The trailer could inform the potential players about the game and the gameplay to decide whether to download it.

Therefore, ensure to include the video trailer on your app listing, YouTube channel, and share it on your official social media page. This will not only promote the game but also optimize it on all platforms.

Share In-Game Screenshots

Just as video trailers, screenshots also work wonders for making an impact on potential players. Mind you, they may not directly affect ASO; however, they will help the potential players in the last stage of funnel and download.

The screenshots have the potential of bringing life to the game in the minds of the new players. So, utilize them wisely, along with short descriptions.

Release On Both iOS and Android Platforms

According to Statista, about 73% of mobile users are Android. Therefore, many mobile game developers tend to focus on one platform, which is Android.

However, leaving iOS out is a big mistake. It simply means you’re giving your competitor an edge to your game.

In the competitive world of today, every user counts. So, make an effort to cater to both major platforms of smartphones. It will bring maximum benefit in the long run.

Work On User Feedback

Let’s be frank, no one wants a pile of negative reviews pouring on their reviews’ section. Instead of neglecting them, think of them as an opportunity of making your mobile game better.

Users want to be heard. When you hear their grievances and work with your development team to give them what they want, they will become loyal users and probably refer them to their close friends.

Drive Traffic From Other Channels

When you have done everything you can to optimize your mobile game on both iOS and Android platforms, now it’s time to drive traffic from other marketing channels.

Utilize Social Media Channels

As discussed before, social media channels work wonders in promoting your game, especially if you’ve already a strong following.

There are numerous social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which you can leverage. You can share the game trailer and create hype by regularly posting news in pre-launch and post-launch of the game.

Utilize Web Content And Blogs

Engaging content on your website creates tons of traffic to your game. You can also write for blogs and provide relevant information and insights to make the players download the game.

Furthermore, you can reach out to gaming influencers to write a blog and give feedback about your game. As a result, it will bring more traffic and users to your game.


ASO is crucial to rank your mobile game app on the top of app listings on iOS and Android platforms.

As a result, you will gain traction, engagement, and ultimately more downloads of your game.

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