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How to Update Your Kids Room on a Budget


When you are looking to update your kid’s room the costs will pile up in a blink of an eye. No matter if it’s a new layer of paint or painting their desk a fun colour there are so many different things you can do that will make their bedrooms so bright and lively. Here are some ways you can create their dream bedroom on a budget.

How to Update Your Kids Room on a Budget

Mix and Match Patterns

There isn’t a simpler yet better way to spice up your kid’s room than adding different colours and patterns. This is the best budget-fealty option because you are adding some personality and pizzazz without breaking your bank. Adding a few new cushions, or some colourful curtains will change up the whole room instantly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and colours! Your kids will love it, for sure.

Update Old Furniture with A New Layer of Paint

As your kid is growing up their taste is changing and their room needs to change with it. But that doesn’t mean that you need to buy new furniture every time their style changes. The budget-friendly option for keeping their room stylish is painting their furniture the way they want. All you need are some brushes and a little bit of paint, that is enough to give their furniture a splash of colour that will make all the difference.

Make Things Multi-functional

As your kids are growing up, they will accumulate more and more stuff and will need more room to store it. A great way to update their room is to add additional storage space. When you are updating their room think about getting furniture pieces that are multi-functional such as desks that have plenty of storage space. Try to avoid creating a theme in their room because they will grow out of things really quickly. Decorate with things like boxes and baskets because they can act as storage space too.

Wallpaper Just One Wall

If you want a bigger update, instead of painting every wall, try creating an accent wall. It will not only look cooler and trendier, but it will be much cheaper to purchase the materials. Let your kid help you look for wallpaper that they like. You can even get removable ones so they are easily changed once they grow out of the style, they’re in now. Wallpaper is truly one of the best budget-friendly home improvements.

Be Crafty

There is nothing better than updating your kid’s room by creating decorations yourself. There are so many different interesting things you can do on a budget. One of the most popular ones is stringing up a cute bunting. They are a great way to add some cheerfulness to the room. As a plus, you can involve your kid in the process.

Frame Your Kids Artwork

We can all agree that art prints look really good in a kid’s bedroom but they can get quite expensive. That is why there is nothing better than framing and hanging up your kid’s art. That way you are encouraging them to create and have fun, as well as decorating their room.

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Display What They Already Have

Instead of going out and buying expensive decorations, decorate their room with things that they already own. If your kid has a lot of plush toys, use some of them as shelf decor. Let them help you out with selecting the toys they want to display. Those toys will also have sentimental value and help them remember times when they played with them.

Make the Most of Your Old Books

Instead of storing their old book somewhere else try utilising them. One of the most popular ways of filling a blank wall is by decorating it with the pages from the book. There are so many different ways you can repurpose an old book like decorating their wardrobe doors with them or framing them and hanging them up.

Create Different Zones

As we all know, kids’ rooms are quite chaotic with all their collections, games, toys and books. The best way to battle the mess as well as update their room is to create zones. If you pair a bookshelf with a desk you are creating a school work and learning zone. By putting together a bean bag and a fuzzy rug you are creating a relaxing zone. When you match a craft table with fun supplies you are containing the crafty mess in its designated zone. By creating zones, you are giving every corner a purpose and everything will have its place.

Add Some Plants

There are so many affordable plants that you can purchase for your kids’ room. Plants will not only make their room look better but they will also create a healthy environment for your kid to live in. When you are picking out plants, make sure that they aren’t toxic. Having plants in kids’ rooms is also a great way to teach them how to take care of something living.

Updating your kids’ room doesn’t have to break your bank. All you need to do is be creative and think outside the box. Don’t forget to include your kids, sometimes they have the best ideas.

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