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Inside the Fridge: 5 Things That Will Benefit Your Health


Have you ever opened the door to your fridge and just stared inside unable to make a choice? Well, you are certainly not alone, but we would bet that you can find a number of healthy items sitting in your refrigerator to both eat and drink and do your body well. Eating food that is good for you should be a pleasure, and you should always have some of the following in stock and ready to go.

Inside the Fridge 5 Things That Will Benefit Your Health

1. Hummus

It’s got protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Talk about a powerful dietary trio! Hummus is also creamy and yummy and makes for an ideal snack or lunchtime item. These days, you can find hummus in a wonderful variety of flavors, including roasted red pepper, dark chocolate, garlic, roasted artichoke, and several others.

Hummus’s main ingredient is chickpeas, and we all know that these legumes come packed with iron, calcium, and other key nutrients. You can serve hummus as a dip or as a sandwich spread.

2. Greens

Let’s face it. If the veggie is leafy and green, then it’s excellent for your health, and you do have various options. You don’t have to routinely shop for the big round head of iceberg lettuce. There are darker greens with more exotic flavors and full of amazing nutrition.

For example, the beauty of eating greens is in their different ways of preparing them. You can certainly make a salad, or you could saute the greens or even steam them.

Try spinach, kale, or Swiss chard. These three contain a naturally impressive nutrient profile. They are low in calories and high in vitamins and fibers. What’s not to love?

3. Water

Drinking several glasses of H20 daily is extremely important to your health. Every system in your body needs water to function. Our bodies, however, cannot store water, so that is why it is key to replenish your system often.

Tap water is alright, but it’s impossible to keep out every chemical in it and maintain its purity. That is why fridge filters have become a modern and economical option for drinking up a cold, super-clean glass of water when you want it straight from your refrigerator.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about all that eco-unfriendly, plastic waste that comes from bottled water choices.

4. Dried Fruit

If you enjoy eating a snack that is delicious, filling, and with incredible texture, then dried fruit is something you will reach for time and again. This chewy snack is jam-packed with fiber which is effective at battling heart disease, obesity, and more!

You can also add dried fruit in baking as a substitute for sweeteners. It’s also delicious in your oatmeal, garden salads and much more.

Nutritionists rave about dried fruit like pineapple, apricots, figs, and raisins as being a tasty, healthy portable snack.

Don’t go overboard. One-half cup of dried fruit daily is a good amount to indulge in as you watch the carbs and sugar counting.
One recent study discovered fascinating news about those folks who eat dried fruit. They had better nutrient intakes and weighed less compared with those who don’t eat the shrunken fruit.

5. Nuts

Another healthy choice that can be found staying fresh in your fridge is an assortment of nuts. These all come naturally filled with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep your heart functioning properly, boost your energy, fight cholesterol, and strengthen immunity.

Nuts come with fat, but this is the healthy kind of fat that’s actually good for you.

A handful of almonds is quite a crunchy snack and contains nutrients that can aid in weight-loss and lower blood pressure.
Pistachios are another yummy nut that protects your heart and can help reduce the rise in blood sugar after a meal.

Walnuts are excellent at keeping blood circulation moving right and reducing inflammation throughout the body.

We’ve all heard the cry, “What’s for dinner?” If you keep your fridge stocked with these delicious staples, you can’t lose. There’s something for everyone whether its texture, crunch, salad-obsessed greens, or a smooth and creamy spread. Remember to put down the soda, sugary juices, and drink more water.


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