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Marketing 101: 5 Old School Tactics to Draw in a Crowd


Since the emergence of the internet, web-based marketing tools have taken over the marketing arena. Digital marketing methods have revolutionized the modern marketing sphere, from email-based marketing campaigns to SEO content marketing strategies. As a result, most businesses have abandoned old-school marketing strategies as they perceive them to be outdated. However, contemporary marketing strategies may not work for some companies.

Marketing 101: 5 Old School Tactics to Draw in a Crowd

As indicated by a survey done by Econsultancy, approximately 22% of the companies don’t realize sufficient conversion rates from their modern marketing campaigns. The discrepancy between their marketing campaigns and the conversion rates shows that current marketing campaigns have various shortcomings. For instance, a study conducted by HubSpot discovered that over 91% of consumers perceive digital ads pop-ups and banners to be intrusive and tiring. The turn of events has forced most marketers to consider using old-school marketing tactics to generate conversions and draw in a crowd.


How frequently do you pause to click on an advert when you are online? Well, it’s obvious that most of us rarely do that! However, you can rarely avoid cheerful and cordial marketing personnel in front of you with a striking flyer.

Flyers are the easiest way for businesses to reach out to local potential customers. You can place the flyers in strategic areas for individuals to pick and read about your company. Alternatively, your marketing personnel can hand out the flyers in person, and this allows the agent to explain your business to prospective clients. Flyers are perfectly suited for start-up businesses that are certain the market exists, but they haven’t been able to tap it fully.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Is there any other old-school marketing strategy that can rival word-of-mouth marketing? Well, not many approaches can be as efficient as word of mouth when it comes to product or service marketing. Prospective customers may not trust a company they don’t know, but they will trust recommendations from relatives and friends.

So, how can businesses leverage their existing clients to acquire new ones through word of mouth marketing? If a company can work towards making its customers satisfied and happy, they will help in spreading positive information about it. Happy and satisfied customers will recommend your business to friends, co-workers, and family members. A company can develop affiliate programs whereby current consumers who refer others get rewarded with gifts or discounts. Ultimately, using this old-school marketing tactic, you can draw in a crowd.


Signs have been in use as marketing tools since time immemorial. They are one of the most common old-school marketing tactics that can help your business draw a crowd even in the contemporary business environment. Today, most marketers underrate the power of using signs in their marketing campaigns. However, signs are effective in reminding individuals about your company, whether they are walking or driving. For instance, feather flag signs can help your business build significant brand awareness and help in drawing a crowd.

Branded Products and Promotions

Branding is the simplest and fastest way to build and promote a company brand by utilizing individuals who are already your clients. Branded products such as bags, T-shirts, and pens are excellent strategies for businesses to improve their awareness silently. Besides, they are a more effective marketing strategy when a business is targeting a particular market segment. Therefore, using branded products and promotions, companies can reach out to potential customers effectively hence drawing a crowd to a business.


Marketing through TV commercials and print media is useful, but too costly for most small and medium-sized businesses. Conversely, radio marketing has traditionally been and still is one of the old-school marketing tactics that return value for businesses. Radio marketing reaches most existing and potential customers as it is widely used. Besides, using radio marketing, a company can target a specific group of customers within the business locality. Businesses can also focus on radio stations or programs that attract a particular group of interest. Thus, using this old-school marketing tactic, companies can reach out to potential customers and draw a crowd for the business.

Conventional marketing methods have been, and still are one of the most effective ways for businesses to build their brand. Many old-school marketing tactics are still efficient in drawing in potential customers. Some of them include flyers, word of mouth marketing, signs, branded products and promotions, and radio. Ultimately, using these traditional marketing methods, a business can draw a crowd and build its brand name.


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