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Simple Steps to Setting SMART Fitness Goals


If you did not achieve most of your plans last year, 2022 might be the year to implement the changes you feel will improve your life. For example, if you tried reducing your weight but dropped off your health goals after some time, you may decide to try other strategies to help you realize your goals this year.

Simple Steps to Setting SMART Fitness Goals

But, first, you need to know how to set your fitness goals to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the same situation next year. Keeping that in mind, here are simple steps you can follow if you want to set smart fitness goals:

Know Why You Need To Set Fitness Goals

Start by knowing why you need to set fitness goals. For example, do you want to lose weight because your friends tell you that you’ve grown too big? That might not be a good reason to keep you motivated, and you may still give up on your plan after some time. However, reasons like losing weight because of health issues can keep you motivated regardless of your challenges.

Remember that everyone is different, and the strategies you use might not be as effective as those of other people. Therefore, it is not advisable to copy other people when setting your fitness goals. Instead, you should set achievable objectives that you can manage.

Be Specific About Your Fitness Goals

Setting fitness goals is an essential step in your fitness journey. However, it would help if you did not make many people’s mistakes. They set goals that are too hard to achieve. As a result, they give up after realizing that they are not making any progress.

You can avoid this mistake by having a plan that you should follow throughout your fitness journey. It should suggest what you should do in the first few days or weeks. Then, decide how you will be measuring your progress. Finally, know how much time you need to achieve your desired results.

Your fitness plan should specify the exact number of kilograms you need to lose by a specific time. Start by setting an annual target before subdividing the kilograms to know how much weight you need to lose monthly. Then, divide it further to know the kilograms to lose weekly.

If your goal is one or two kilograms weekly, meeting your target will be much easier, keeping you motivated to continue with your plan.

Many people give up on their goals because their fitness target seems overwhelming. It is advisable to subdivide yours into smaller chunks to make them achievable. Besides, health specialists recommend that people lose weight in small portions. It is the best strategy, even though it might take time.

Share Your Goals with People with Similar Objectives

It would be best to have all the support you can get to keep you motivated to achieve your desired results. That is why you should share your goals with people with similar objectives. They will monitor your progress at different times, keeping you accountable and focused on your objectives.

However, the person you share your goals with should be someone who wants the best for you. For example, it could be your relative, fitness trainer, or social media friend. They will keep cheering you on, assuring you that your dreams are achievable.

Your buddy may also recommend better weight-loss strategies to enable you to achieve your goals faster. For example, they may ask you to do keto to help you burn fat for energy, helping you to lose more weight within a short time. The keto weight loss timeline is significantly lower than most other weight-loss strategies. Besides, the diet plan can supply your body with more energy, enabling you to undertake more daily tasks.

Your buddy might also recommend keto if they realize that you need to reduce your appetite. It will help you reduce the number of meals you take in a day, helping you to prevent adding more weight.

The Bottom Line

If you want to set smart fitness goals this year, use the simple steps highlighted above for the most effective results. They will keep you focused, ensuring that you don’t give up on chasing your goals halfway.

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