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The Funniest Pranking Websites On The Internet


Every day cannot be April’s fool, but you can prank someone every day. The mischievous act of pranking will never get boring. Pranking someone is always a good laugh. Just because you can’t go out and prank them in real life doesn’t mean pranking has to stop. Pranking is a fun activity to fool someone.

The Funniest Pranking Websites On The Internet

The activities are super fun for the one who is doing them but not as much for the receiver. If you are enthusiastic enough to go and prank your friends and family, then here’s a list of the top six websites to prank someone in different ways.

1. Whatsfake

Ever wanted to prank your friend by making them believe something that isn’t right, or if you’re going to have some fun by creating fake chats, this website is for you. The website allows the user to create fake WhatsApp chats. The best thing, they look a hundred percent authentic, so it’s impossible to see and tell if its fake or not.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website and create some chats to have fun while pranking your friends and seeing their shocking reactions as you send them fake conversations with people. It will be a fun way to mess with someone.

2. Fartscroll

The most embarrassing to ever happen in a room full of people is the farting. It is absolutely the kind of situation one doesn’t ever want to be in, but if its someone else responsible for the noise, then it’s funny. Fartscroll is the perfect website for it. It helps you make fart noises when someone reads your blog.

It’s the perfect prank to play with your friends or siblings.

If you are in the mood to have a good laugh, use fartscroll and see the embarrassing and confused face your friends make when they hear the fart noise. They will be embarrassed and confused as they seem to can’t figure out what’s happening. The look on their faces will be worth the prank.

3. PrankSpace

Are you bored of all the pranks, or have you tried them all and are looking for something new and funny? There is a website prank space which is curated for people like you. The website has it all, magic tricks, audio pranks, flash pranks, and so much more. So, this time you don’t have to prank them once, but you can keep pranking them until they get annoyed, and then you can have the last laugh.

This is an exciting website if you want to keep causing trouble with your friends and family, just like the fake boarding pass generator. You can enjoy as you see them get annoyed and irritated with the continuous pranks.

4. Do Not Press The Red Button

Ever heard of the pandora’s box? The most tempting thing in the world is the thing which you are advised not to do. As humans, our urge is more incredible, and we want to see why someone has said no. So we do the one thing we are told not to, and this website does not press the red button working on the same thing.

Just send a link to your friend and see if they can resist and not touch the red button, but they are up for a horrible surprise if they do. Anyone who clicks the website pranks it, and it is fun for the one sending the link but not the receiver.

5. Shitexpress

Ever come across someone you hated or didn’t like, although you can’t do anything about it, this website can. The website delivers animal poop to the house. If you want o prank, someone, in a shitty way, you can go ahead and try this. It is safe to say no one will be happy about receiving animal shit in their post.

The good thing, it sent anonymously, so no one’s going to know who sent it. You can prank your friends using this website while you sit back and laugh as you think about their faces when they open the post.

6. Love Calculator Prank

You are never too old for some love prank. There is a reason why love pranks are the most famous because they’re the best way to prank someone. The love calculator website allows you to create a unique link that you can send to your friends. As they can put in their crush names and click on the calculate button, they will be pranked.

When they click calculate, instead of seeing a percentage, they are shown that they have been pranked, and the names have been submitted to the above mail id.

It’s a mischievous prank to play on your friends, as you find the name of the people they have a crush on. They will be shocked when they see that they have been fooled and pranked by you.

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