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Tips to Plan an Event Successfully


Planning an event can be highly stressful, especially if the stakes are high and you have only one chance to prove yourself. This is also the time when event organizers feel incredibly anxious about managing everything seamlessly.

Tips to Plan an Event Successfully

But don’t worry. We spoke to Top Event Production in AUH and compiled a list of useful tips that will help you master the art of planning and executing a successful event. So read on to learn how!

Start as early as possible

When the event date is fixed, this is your cue to start planning, even if it is a few months away. The larger the event, the better it is to start planning at least six months in advance. Smaller events require at least a month of planning. To ensure that the final run up to the event date is flowing smoothly, you should ensure that vendor contracts are in place at least a few weeks before the event date.

Don’t be rigid

As you are planning the even, it is likely for the things to change. It could be anything from the timings to the location to the type of event you are hosting. Just stay flexible and prepare yourself to meet the changing demands.

Remember to negotiate

The experts warn that most vendors will bump up price but it is important to remember that everything is negotiable. Don’t forget about the unforeseen expenses that creep up in every event. Therefore, try to keep the prices as low as possible. To ensure that, you must already plan a budget before meeting the vendor and quote at least 10% lower than their asking price. While your vendor may resist a bit but they will want to win your business.

Delegate tasks

Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Build a competent team and delegate tasks to different teams. You can break up various elements of the event into sections such as catering, transport, registration etc. Assign tasks associated with these sections to each members of your team. Each team member will only be responsible for their own section. This will help keep things more organized.

Develop a shared document and share it

Use the cloud to your benefit by collaborating with your team members via a shareable document. You would all be able to access it and keep everyone on the same page. You can create a central document for everyone to refer in case they require clarifications.

Create a backup plan

This is the most important aspect of event planning. No matter how hands-on you are, there will always be a small something that will become a big problem in absence of a contingency plan. Assess the important assets of your event and create a backup plan to avoid emergency situations. Brainstorm potential issues and decide relevant alternatives.

Go through the entire process once

About a week or two ahead of your event, you should consider a run through of the entire process to ensure everything will flow smoothly on the big day. Big event companies often work closely with their clients to develop this workflow and do several run throughs during the course of planning to diagnose potential issues and fix them long before they become bigger issues. Therefore, consider hiring a professional who can handle all the planning and execution while you work on other more important things!

Maintain photographs of everything

You can photograph the event through various stages of planning that will help you create an interesting profile online for your clients to see. It will also show your preparedness ahead of the event that can play a huge role in establishing good reputation in front of the customers. You can also consider hiring an event photographer who will know exactly what photos to click and how to highlight your best areas aesthetically. Ask for a number of shots to ensure that they know what they are doing.

Create an online presence

If you are planning a big event, then now would be a good time to start creating a buzz around your event. You can start with creating a custom hashtag for Twitter that will encourage your followers to tag you in relevant posts. You must also upload your photos regularly to keep your followers and attendees updated about the development.

These tips may seem ridiculously simple but it is surprising how fewer companies to take this into account when planning an event. If you think this is too much to handle by yourself, an event company can not only take this off your hands but also do a better job at organizing your event. You can also work with your event management company to create an even better result! Just use your best judgment to make an informed choice.


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