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Top 5 Things Fleet Managers Can Do to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19


The global pandemic COVID-19 is, directly and indirectly, affecting day to day business operation. The fleet business is also suffering the crunch due to the current situation. This is high time to follow the guidance of the Government for prevention from the spread of Coronavirus. Stay at home and maintain social distancing to avoid exposure to infection.

Top 5 Things Fleet Managers Can Do to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19

Talking about success in this uncertain environment won’t make sense, so this is the time when you can plan, prepare and strategize to minimize the impact of COVID-19. The offices are close, and the majority of companies are working remotely to maintain social distancing. However, we understand that it is difficult for fleet companies since managing the entire operation does require physical presence. But with KENT CamEye you don’t need to panic as this dash cam cum GPS tracker can help in managing the business remotely.

KENT CamEye works in sync with mobile app or fleet management portal, so monitoring vehicles get easy form anywhere anytime. The M2M SIM in the device provides uninterrupted 4G-connectivity throughout the journey. So these and many other advantages of KENT CamEye can help you in remote monitoring of your fleet business.

Here are five quick ways; you can prepare to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your business:

1. Manage your fleets from home:

As a fleet manager, you are not likely accustomed to managing the daily operations from your home. Though your employees may be working in your physical absence right now, it should not be a challenge to manage your fleet while working remotely. Having KENT CamEye in your fleet can make it easy with a comprehensive view of your assets and the productivity of the team. You can get real-time data through KENT CamEye app or the fleet management portal.

2. Stay connected with your employees:

Constant communication becomes important for effective fleet management in this unusual situation. Many of your drivers are still on the road, working in this critical time. You can boost their morale by staying in touch with them all the time. All you need is a proper communication channel. You can use KENT CamEye’s 2-way calling feature to connect with them. There’s an added advantage of calling on the device. The drivers won’t have to touch anything while maintaining hygiene. The dash cam cum GPS tracker for car has a built-in speaker and microphone to aid the communication and auto-connects during the call. Your support and communication will empower them to work diligently.

3. Protect your employees by educating them with preventive measures:

As a fleet manager, safeguarding the employees counts into your responsibility. You can guide your employees to adhere to a few best practices for precautions. Ask them to maintain the social distancing between colleagues or customers. Instruct them to wash their hands at regular intervals and also to keep sanitizing the vehicle.

Provide every operator with adequate sanitation supplies so they could establish a clean work environment. Arrange for ample gloves, masks, sanitary wipes and other disinfectants. Make sure operators follow thorough vehicle sanitation pre and post-trip. You can give directions through live video streaming and can make sure that they focus on high-touch areas like dashboards, controls, steering wheels and handles.

4. Listen to the concerns of your employees:

In this situation, your employees rely on you more than ever, so make sure you remain available for them when they need you. Provide them with a platform to update you on their concerns related to cleaning material supply, questions, concerns, etc. Acknowledge the comments on unspecified areas of concern and help them find the possible solutions.

5. Utilize this slowdown to get ahead on better planning:

Like many other businesses at present, your fleet might also be experiencing a fall in business. But you can do productive tasks even in this situation. You can use this time wisely to take a look thoroughly at the records from KENT CamEye trip analytics. You can analyze the reports to inspect the areas you need to focus on and which assets need preventive maintenance. Once the business bounces back, you will have the peace of mind since all your assets would be operating at optimal efficiency. Further, you can come back with better planning and strategies to overcome the loss.

Overall, KENT CamEye will help you bridge communication gaps, consolidate fleet data and streamline operation. With insight into costs, utilization, and maintenance, you can make the best decisions to maximize business efficiency.

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