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Types of Certification Courses in SAP Online Training


Are you interested in SAP Courses? Do you want to get a certification in SAP? If yes, we can help you. If your goal is to become an SAP consultant, you need certification in SAP. There are many institutes which offer various SAP certification course. But looking at the current situation, it is quite difficult to complete training and get certification due to lockdown. But there are other ways.

Types of Certification Courses in SAP Online Training

You can opt for online training. This way, you can be at home and get certification through online training. There are only a few reputed institutes which offer this service. One such institute is SAP Online Trainings. They provide online training as well as certification. If you want to know more about the certification courses, we can help you. In this post, we are going to discuss about types of certification courses in SAP Online Training.

What is SAP Certification?

A certification is like a license to get the job. On completion of the SAP training, you will receive certification. This certification will help to secure a good job in leading Multi-National Companies.
Types of Certification Courses in SAP:

Here is a list of the SAP certification course.

SAP BI Certification: BI = Business Intelligence. With their certification training, you can easily pass the exam and get the certification. This certification will provide you with excellent job opportunities. The first thing you need to do is to check the syllabus and the importance of each topic. Here, they have already provided a syllabus table where they have highlighted each topic and their importance. You can prepare in advance already with the help of the syllabus. Here you need to focus on data warehousing, BI platform, BI suite and development technologies.

• SAP FI Certification:

FI = Financial Accounting. Here your knowledge and skills will be tested. First, you need to decide the level of certification you need. There are three levels, i.e. Associate, Professional and Master. Then you need to check the syllabus and study according to the weightage. Here a syllabus is prepared for you as per competency and the importance of each topic. You can focus on it to clear the exam.

• SAP SD Certification:

SD = Sales and Distribution. To clear this exam, you need to plan from the beginning. It would be best if you allocated time for each important topic. In this online training, they will prepare a syllabus for you. Here the competency and importance are highlighted. Each topic is given weightage to help you focus more. The study material list will also be given to you.

• SAP MM Certification:

MM = Materials Management. With this certification course, you will gain knowledge and skills to work in Logistic department. You can become a consultant to help the company with logistics and supply chain management functions. For this certification, you need to focus on the syllabus. Each topic is given importance and weightage. You need to divide these topics and study as per importance. This way, you can easily finish your training on time and clear the exam.

• SAP CRM Certification (C_TCRM20_70):

This course is also offered online. However, the information about the syllabus or the course is not yet published. This course is a new one launched by the. This certification course will be available soon for students.

These are the types of certification courses in SAP Online Training. If you are planning to get the certification, you can enrol for training. With proper training and planning, you can easily pass the exam and get the certification you need.


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