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Ultimate Guide to the Types of Forklift Lights


Forklifts are essential devices in material handling work environments. You can customize the forklift to match your business needs. Working in a cold storage environment requires additional safeguards for protection from low ambient temperature and moisture.

Ultimate Guide to the Types of Forklift Lights

A forging work environment needs safeguarding high ambient temperatures from damaging hydraulic hoses and other items. Forklifts need appropriate lighting for safe and efficient operations. This article has a breakdown of lighting options for forklifts.

Bulb type lights

The first type of forklift lights with bulbs is the halogen lights. These use a regular bulb with filament but with the potential to damage from shock and vibration. Halogen lamps dram more amps making the battery drain faster and affecting runtime of the forklift. However, these lights are cheap leading to low upfront costs.

Another type of forklift lights with bulbs is the LED option. These are more durable for lacking a filament that gets hot. Additionally, LED lights don’t draw as much amp as halogen lights from the battery. The beauty of LED lights is the plastic headlights instead of glass making them ideal in environments handling consumable goods. However, LED lights cost more upfront but with significant savings in the long run.

Security lights

When looking forward to buy forklift safety light options include blue spot and red zone lights. Blue spotlights are mounted on the forklift overhead gourd. These aim at the ground behind or infront of the truck. The light aims at a distance to allow pedestrians to realize an oncoming truck. Forklift security lights are very useful for trucks entering or exiting aisles. Here, other lights are not visible, and blue or red color of the security lights stands out in any environment.

Red zone lights are mounted on the right or left of the forklift overhead guard to aim at the ground. The red light strip alerts operators and pedestrians of its presence making them very effective in any work environment. Strobe lights are also necessary for safety while using forklifts. These flash intermittently to alert pedestrians and other operators the presence of an oncoming forklift.


These come in various options according to mounting space. Forklifts with an overhead guard need headlight mounted near the guar. These are modified or removed to match the truck features including enclosed operator cabins. Inset headlights are mounted inward to the top of the overhead guard. Installing these lights inward protects them from damage and allows the mast to block some of the light from the forward projection of the light.

Low profile lights are narrower and mounted in similar positions of standard headlights. This keeps the lights protected without moving them in the overhead guard confines. Front combination lights add extra function to regular overhead guard lights. These include park/clearance lights and turn signal lights.

Rear lights

Read work lights are mounted on the overhead guard rear to aim behind the forklift. These lights light the forklift rear when traveling in reverse. Low profile lights are narrower and mounted on the overhead guard rear. These are mounted in the overhead guard for protection from damage. Additionally, rear combination lights offer extra indicator to the overhead guard with options including:

  • Stop/tail lights
  • Backup lights
  • Turn signal lights

Activation lights

These are lights to indicate activation of a function when using the forklift. Key On/Headlights On lights turn on when you turn the switch on and are wired to the key switch. These lights save time during frequent use like when loading or unloading trailers. Key-Off/Headlights Off work like Key On lights and turn off on turning off the truck. This saves amp draw from the battery to avoid draining when lights are left on for a prolonged period.

Key On/Key-Off Lights automatically turn appropriate lights on turning the Key and off when the truck is turned off. Lights that work with this function vary but a certified dealer can supply those that match your configuration. Auto Lights Off lights turn off the truck automatically when oil pressure reaches a particular level on turning off the truck. So, appropriate lights turn off on turning the key and not when the engine is started.

Keep this in mind

Investing in the right lights for your forklift is very important. The initial investment in the lights will significantly pay off in the long run. Blue and red zone lights emphasize safety in your workplace. These alert pedestrians and other operations about the presence of an oncoming forklift to give way. This limits injuries, product damage, and damage to the structure.


Understanding the various types of forklift lights available is very important. This helps you make an informed decision regarding the best lights for your truck. A reputable supplier of forklift equipment will have a wide range of lights for you to select. The initial investment in forklift lights will be significantly paid off over time.

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