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Web Design: 5 Signs That Say You Need A Website Redesign


For a business, it is extremely important to evaluate the impact of their web presence and the kind of revenue it can generate and the kind of boost the company’s website provides to the image of the business brand. Naturally, from time to time they need to take a hard and researching look at their websites and try to find out how they can improve it and address its crucial shortcomings.

While having a website has become a bare minimum criterion for most businesses, a poorly performing website can actually be counterproductive in terms of achieving your goal. Having a web presence with a poor quality website can be terribly undermining your business brand. From performance-boosting to keeping the website updated with the latest website design services and development trends features, there can be an array of reasons for redesigning a website.

Web Design - 5 Signs That Say You Need A Website Redesign

Typically a business website should be informative, easy to use, flexible, and optimized for its target audience in every possible way. If in any of these aspects, your website is underperforming, a decision to redesign your website can be unavoidable. Here we are going to explain the key signs and reasons for taking a decision to redesign your website.

Must-Have Qualities For a Website To Perform Well On Search Engine

Let us spare a few words on the unmistakable signs of a website with a superb performance on search engines.

  • Technically Equipped: The primary and very basic requirement for a great website is that it must be technically well equipped and bereft of obscure late technologies. For example, a website no longer can afford to use Flash as there is a number of advanced technologies to look after the needs previously Flash used to cater.
  • Rich and Relevant Content: On the content front your website needs to look fresh and full of relevance. Since no user or search engine likes a website with outdated information and recycled content, you need to give extreme care to unblushing of unique, relevant, and quality content.
  • Engaging and Easy To Use Design: Finally, as to ease of use directly impacts the user experience and search engine ranking of websites, web designers must focus on delivering a design that makes it engaging and easy to use. From engaging first time users with a great on boarding to delivering a simple and engaging design focused on relevance, some design-centric qualities are must-have for modern websites.

In case our website lacks all these crucial qualities, it may need a complete redesign. Apart from all these qualities, you need to look for the below-mentioned signs for taking a decision on the redesign.

An Obsolete Look and Feel

There are many ways to judge how obsolete your website is. Some of the most common signs include the use of outdated technologies such as flash animations, problematic JavaScript, looping GIFs, etc. Moreover, the use of outdated versions of HTML is another problematic area for many websites with an obsolete look and feel. In this respect, it is important to remember that embracing a retro look doesn’t at all mean you have to use outdated technologies and obsolete user experience attributes.

Just as new trends and web standards continue to overwhelm the user experience, every year this also led to the emergence of a bounty of innovative tools for building websites. Keeping sync you need to put your best efforts to build the website as per the latest standard and as per the most advanced UX trends.

Not Enough To Beat The Competition

Since websites for companies have become the prime channel to connect customers and convert businesses, the competition is really high within the web businesses across niches. This is why you always need to make sure that the website stands well to beat the competition. In case your competition is doing better than your website in terms of business conversion, search engine ranks, and audience engagement, you may need a complete redesign of the website.

The Message Is Not Clear And Loud

Every website comes with a business message for its audience. Question is, whether your website gives a clear and loud message for its audience. Besides expressing the purpose, objectives, and deliverables of your website in clear terms you also need to set expectations for our audience in a lucid and transparent manner.

Since the vast majority of web users before deciding to purchase anything or taking any website content seriously believe in carrying out research, you cannot undermine the importance of putting vital stats and value propositions of your website in the forefront. Your website in look, feel and usability attributes should boast of a clear message that can instantly be connected to your business brand.

Lack of Business Conversion

The most important objective that your website must serve is the consistent business conversion or generation of sales. In any case, almost every website has a business objective whether in terms of direct sales, spreading brand awareness or marketing the services. Naturally, when evaluating the web design you need to consider how it serves your objective of business conversion.

Is the Call to Action buttons leading to sales designed right or are they placed at the right positions? If it is an e-commerce site or a business website with facilitating direct sales, make sure the checkout page is designed right allowing an easier process of purchasing. Make sure on the way to purchase items or services users can easily browse products with multiple filters and can check out faster with the least difficulties. In case your business website lacks any of these attributes, you should opt for a redesign.

Issues Corresponding To Accessibility and On-Screen Interactions

These days websites around the world are insisting on some human-centric principles that make the websites more usable for people with different types of physical challenges and disabilities. If your website lacks the crucial accessibility attributes that are crucial for the physically challenged, you may need a redesign to make the accessibility elements better.

Another important is to deliver a web design that perfectly fits into a wide variety of screen sizes and types of resolution. This actually makes your web design more future-ready and consistent over time. Is your website allowing easier and smooth interactions across all devices? This is another crucial consideration for a website to decide in favor of website redesign.


Finally, a website redesign is taken up by many business websites from time to time for the express reason of staying updated with the latest trends and to meet the design-centric requirements. The above-mentioned considerations just give you a rough idea about where you need to focus first on a redesign decision.


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