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Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022


When your big day comes around, you want to look amazing and have memories that you’ll think about for years. While you can go formal or traditional and choose the same dresses and decorations that other brides did, you can also go all out and rock some of the hottest trends. The top wedding trends to expect in 2022 include things you would never consider on your own.

Wedding Trends to Expect in 2022

Street Shoes for the Ceremony and More

Do you love the idea of exchanging vows with your partner but hate the idea of wearing uncomfortable heels for hours? One of the hottest wedding trends for 2022 will help you stay comfortable, even after dancing the night away. Street shoes include any shoes that you would rock with your favorite jeans and a tee. Grab a pair of Converse in a bright pop of color or a pair that matches your wedding colors. You can give this look a more romantic feel when you and your spouse wear matching pairs.

Micro Parties

Many couples had problems during the COVID pandemic because they could not celebrate with the huge parties they planned. While some put off their parties for a later date, others found that they liked the idea of a micro party. Instead of spending tons of money on food and decorations, you can spend a much smaller amount. Try cutting down your guest list to the people you can’t imagine being there with you. You may find that you only want a few family and friends there. If you still want a big party, have a micro ceremony with just a few people and a big bash later.

Surprise Moments

Between the showers and travel expenses, your guests spend a lot of money on your big day. Reward them with a surprise moment and something they would never expect. While you may not want to launch into a choreographed dance in the middle of your reception, there are other surprises that will still amaze them. Consider changing out of your wedding dress into a different outfit in the middle of the party or bring out a celebrity impersonator to wow the crowd. You can also bring out a band to play for a few hours on top of hiring a DJ.

Dresses You Can Wear More Than Once

Women around the world have closets filled with bridesmaid dresses that their friends claimed they could wear more than once. Some of the newer versatile bridesmaid dresses are perfect for your big day and any special occasions they have in the future. With convertible dresses, they can wear those dresses in more than one way. These dresses allow them to add and remove straps or adjust the hemline. Don’t forget that you have options beyond the big white and puffy wedding dresses you see in stores. Go with a classic suit tailored for your body or a unique dress in a bold color like hot pink.

Naked Cakes

Those old elaborate wedding cakes that cost a fortune are still popular with the rich and famous. Brides who want something different and those on a budget often go with naked cakes. Naked wedding cakes have a classic look. Though they come in the flavors that you love and different frosting types and flavors, they lack frosting on the sides. This allows you to see the gorgeous and delicious filling inside. It’s easy to decorate the cake with some fresh flowers too.

Specialty Stations

Another hot trend for weddings in 2022 is the use of specialty stations. Are you a fan of different cuisines or types of food and have a hard time deciding what to serve your guests? You don’t need to stick to one type or even have a buffet with multiple options because you can hire caterers and restaurants to set up specialty stations around the reception. Consider a dessert station where guests can make their own ice cream sundaes and a pasta station that lets them choose from different pasta types and sauces or toppings. You can even go all out and hire food trucks to serve dishes late at night.

Closing Thoughts

Make the most of your wedding day and create memories that last a lifetime. Go with some of the hottest wedding trends for 2022, including specialty stations and street shoes you wear under your dress.

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